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Autumn Riches

Monday, 27th September 2021 / Home Decor


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As we enter the autumn months, we crave cosy nights by a fireplace, with a warm beverage of choice in hand, as the evenings get colder and darker. Changing your space and interiors over the transitional period into colder nights can completely alter your mood and energy, and transform your living space to make the most of this beautiful time of year. We can start looking forward to plush colours, soft lighting and cosy fabrics.


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Classic autumnal shades gravitate towards more rich and earthy tones which make for a warm and comforting interior; warm neutrals, dark greens and browns, with soft clay colours rising in popularity too. Think taupe-ey shades and pale pinks. Autumnal colour palettes tend to create a sense of safety and comfort, and although deep and rich, they’re also joyful and uplifting, as they represent a season of change.


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The word ‘terracotta’ originates from the Italian translation, which literally means ‘baked’ or ‘cooked earth’. It is also, a type of fired clay, typically known for its natural brownish-orange colour. It’s a shade that radiates warmth and happiness, combining the energy often associated with red with the cheerfulness of yellow. It is often seen as an optimistic and uplifting colour, rejuvenating our spirit.


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The colour mustard represents creativity and diversity, often found in comfortable and relaxing environments, it is known to be a ‘silent soother’, the perfect autumn hue. Mustard is known to stimulate the mind and body, and can trigger feelings of warmth, increasing positive emotions and general feelings of optimism.


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The name deriving from the tasty Mediterranean stone-fruit, olive is considered a conventional symbol of peace and harmony. This muted earthy tone also signifies empathy, space for humankind and also wealth and ambition. It is a very versatile colour, working well alongside any green colour palette or neutrals, but also brighter tones like blue and orange, making it easy to work with in the home.


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This vibrant reddish-orange colour is that of the dried paprika. This colour symbolises energy, courage and change – fitting for the transitional period of Autumn. It is thought to be grounding and offer a sense of security.


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Naturally, the colour cinnamon is most strongly associated with the spice. Darker than shades such as tan or beige but lighter than chocolate, with its warm undertones allowing this hue to look slightly red or orange-tinted. Browns like cinnamon are widely seen in nature and so this shade is often associated with earthy qualities like resilience and strength. The spice cinnamon is believed to have health benefits, meaning the colour can symbolise rejuvenation and healing.


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After what feels like endless intervals of isolation, we’re craving the feeling of being close and more connected to realness. Introducing shades like these into your home are guaranteed to add that sense of comfort and warmth to your space this autumn.


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