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Concept Wallpaper

Tuesday, 28th September 2021 / Interior Design Trends


Concept Wallpaper


The launch of this collection aligns with the timing of our rebranding, we believe that Concept embodies everything that ohpopsi represents – an adventurous spirit and expressive colours that represent our design revolution and embodies the DNA of Ohpopsi.


Floral_Riot_bedroom_FOR_WEB.jpg (759 KB)


Concept is a vibrant anthology of bold statement designs in expressive colour combinations that offer a vivacious, energetic personality. A fearless approach to design and colour makes Concept a modern, dynamic, design led collection.


Rolls_5_FOR_WEB.jpg (445 KB)


Jolly_Brollies_cameo1_FOR_WEB.jpg (787 KB)


Love_Scribble_cameo1_FOR_WEB.jpg (757 KB)


Rolls_8_FOR_WEB.jpg (652 KB)


Rolls_23.jpg (960 KB)


Rolls_Design_Revolution.jpg (824 KB)


Concept consists of seven unique hand drawn designs. Fashion-forward themes take in bold geometrics through tropical cityscapes to graphic urban scribblings. Electrifying colour combinations energise the senses and ignite an irresistible and adventurous creative spirit.


Floral_Riot_cameo1.jpg (847 KB)


Jolly_Brollies_cameo1_FOR_WEB.jpg (787 KB)


Love_scribbble_office_cameo2.jpg (865 KB)


Tall_Trees_cameo2_FOR_WEB.jpg (733 KB)


Twisted_Geo_blocks_cameo1_FOR_WEB.jpg (717 KB)


Blocs_snug_cameo1_FOR_WEB.jpg (497 KB)


Urban_tropic_navy_cameo1.jpg (831 KB)


A plethora of large-scale, characterful designs Concept is bound to add an element of dramatic interest and quirky energy to your space.



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