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Spooky Facts About Halloween

Friday, 26th October 2018 / Home Decor

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Double, double, toil and trouble… it’s nearly that time of year again to don your best scary costume and stock up on sweets!  


To mark Halloween on October 31st, here are some interesting facts and trivia about Halloween. 



It is thought that Halloween has been around for 6000 years originating as far back as 4000BC, and some of the Halloween customs we know today such as dressing up as ghouls stared in Ireland around 2000 years ago where they held a festival for the dead called ‘Samhaim’.  Other names for Halloween include ‘Lamswool’, ‘Summer’s End’, 'All Hallow’s Eve’,
This Moody Clouds wall mural sure incorporates the atmospheric drama of All Hallow’s Eve Night with its swirling clouds and radiating storms.
WALS0244_CGRMST.jpg (490 KB)
Featured Product:  Moody Clouds



The first Halloween (1978) movie, which spawned seven sequels and three re-makes, was on such a tight budget that the primary antagonist Michael Myers had to wear the cheapest mask they could find, which was a William Shatner (Captain Kirk) mask from Star Trek.  Also, the script took less than two weeks to write, and only took 20 days to shoot!
The Scratched Metal wall mural below looks like something straight from a horror movie! Stylish and scary!


WALS0249_CGRMST.jpg (670 KB)

Featured Product:  Scratched Metal



Trick or treating is thought to have originated with the Ancient Celts over 2000 years ago when they put treats and food out on the street for spirits roaming the streets.  The first mention of modern trick or treating in print however was in 1927 in Black, Alberta, Canada.  In a recent study, 50% of children preferred receiving chocolate during trick or treating, with 24% preferring sweets, and 10% preferring to receive chewing gum!  
We’re sure your kids could take some inspiration for trick or treating costumes from this Graffiti Monster wall mural filled with illustrated monsters and all sorts of imaginative creatures
WALS0004_RMS_1000PX.jpg (217 KB)
Featured Product:  Graffiti Monster



Witches are said to take the air during Halloween night on their broomsticks to wreak havoc before ‘All Saints’ Day on November the 1st.  The word witch comes from the Old English word wicce , which means ‘wise woman’, and wiccans were highly respected at one time in history.  Wicca today is recognised as an official religion, and they celebrate their new year on October 31st.
The Botanical Fleur wall mural with its dark mysterious background and various plants would be perfect for any witches looking for ingredients for their cauldrons.  Dark shades are perfect in creating a sophisticated edge to your room.
WALS0196_CGRMST.jpg (531 KB)
Featured Product:  Botanical Fleur



 Black and Orange - the two colours representing Halloween were established because black represents death and darkness, and orange represents Autumn.  Halloween is celebrated in Autumn because it was originally a Celtic Harvest festival celebrating the end of the harvest season and the end of Summer.  It was believed that Autumn time was when the walls between this world and the spirit world were thinnest and it was feared they would damage crops for the winter ahead.
The Autumn leaves wall mural is perfect for those wanting the Autumnal feel all year round.
WALS0058_RMS_1000PX.jpg (256 KB)
Featured Product:  Autumn Leaves


 Have a great HALLOWEEN!


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