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Map Murals Styling Tips

Sunday, 16th September 2018 / Home Decor

1-9.png (3.06 MB)

We know you love a map mural, so this week’s blog is all about tips and tricks on styling and making the most impact out of 
your beautiful new map mural.  Take a look.
2-12.png (2.09 MB)
3-7.png (1.64 MB)
4-7.png (1.80 MB)
5-5.png (1.90 MB)
6-5.png (1.50 MB)
If scaled down maps are your thing, here’s a couple of intricate vintage road maps for you to explore...
vinta.png (3.99 MB)
Also, maps aren’t always for adults!  Take a look at our funky educational maps for kids..
7-8.png (2.59 MB)
8-7.png (3.55 MB)
Have you got any styling tips when it comes to map murals?  We’d love to hear from you on social media pages!
Untitled design-5 2.png (5 KB)   Untitled design-5.png (12 KB)   Untitled design-5 3.png (8 KB)
To further explore all of our map designs just clicking here!

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