Celebrating the Seventies!

Wednesday, 16th March 2022 / Interior Design Trends


Celebrating the Seventies!


Taking a look at current trends and what’s around us, it sometimes feels like we have travelled back in time to the 70s. Memorable for unmistakeable colour palettes, distinctive bold pattern and velvet textures, it was an era of flamboyant fashion.


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Moving away from the minimalist and Scandi interiors market, things have taken a more maximalist direction, working hand-in-hand with the revamped returning 70s style. Retro pastels and bold earthier tones of mustard, terracotta and olive, paired with natural textures of wood and rattan truly embrace this era.


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Modern bold florals and geometrics are directly influenced from the spirit of the 70s and are once again being used on wallpapers and soft furnishings. It can’t truly be a 70’s inspired interior if a house plant or two doesn’t make an appearance!  Their much-needed contrast of greenery is a positive design feature to balance the distinctive colours in a vibrant retro palette.


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Find your interiors groove and incorporate this 70s feel into your home with a few of our more retro designs. Be sure to show us your transformation by tagging us on:

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