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Hot off the press… Introducing Grafik

Wednesday, 16th February 2022 / Wallpaper Collections


Hot off the press… Introducing Grafik


Ohpopsi Studio Nov 2021_6957 copy.jpg (13.11 MB)


Grafik is one out of two of our hot-off-the-press spring collections and its launch is coming soon. A contemporary wallpaper anthology that focuses on celebrating the diversity of what ‘graphic’ can mean, this effortlessly modern collection offers a full spectrum of statement colour manifesting in a range of seven versatile and textural designs, with lots of organic layering and natural forms.


Ohpopsi Studio Nov 2021__K3A0166.jpg (36.57 MB)


From decorative botanics and fluid ink on water, to angular and irregular motifs, this collection covers a wide array of confident designs and explores the multi-faceted world of graphic artwork, without feeling limited to structural geometrics.


Ohpopsi Studio Nov 2021_6753 copy.jpg (31.26 MB) 


Ohpopsi Studio Nov 2021_6497.jpg (20.27 MB)


A feast for the eyes, this collection is a visual haven of contrasts and colour featuring conversational and charismatic designs, bringing dynamism to your interior. 


 Ohpopsi Studio Nov 2021__K3A0190-1.jpg (33.18 MB)


Ohpopsi Studio Nov 2021__K3A0210.jpg (36.96 MB)

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