House Plants

Monday, 7th March 2022 / Interior Design Trends


House Plants


The love for house plants and natural elements has been a popular trend, and so it should. Potted plants and vases of exuberant greenery are definitely one way to keep your space looking vibrant and lively all year round. They can really influence how you experience a room and give the perfect touch of character without being a big investment. Plants and their arrangements are completely subjective and personal, and they can be moved around until they’re in the perfect place for you, creating a comforting and homely space that really has your mark on it.


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Not only do they look the part, houseplants have so many great physical benefits. Many indoor plants remove harmful toxins from the air, such as mould, and can also increase the humidity levels of your home, benefitting not only you’re breathing and easing respiratory ailments due to dry air, but also helps reduce instances of catching a cold, as well as your skin appearing and feeling healthier. Multiple studies have also shown that indoor plants can improve your mood, reduce fatigue, reduce stress and anxiety, boost healing and pain tolerance and minimizes the occurrence of headaches through the improvement of air quality


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One of our latest designs, ‘Houseplant’ from Grafik is perfect to capture the essence of bringing nature indoors. Graphic designs don’t always have to mean geometric, there can be softer and more organic elements too, which Houseplant embodies. 


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This fun, hand-drawn design comes in 5 colourways and is wonderfully realistic with ferns and elegant trails planted in textured macrame woven baskets and decorative ceramic pots. Become a fuss-free plant parent with this colourful and conversational design, it lasts all year round with no need to water!




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