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Create a spa-like feel in your own bathroom

Tuesday, 4th January 2022 / How-Tos


Create a spa-like feel in your own bathroom


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Self-care seems like something we could all use a bit of as we take on 2022. Despite the festive period being something we all look forward to, it can also be tiring, and January can almost feel like that sigh of relief when the door shuts after saying your goodbyes to the last guests. It’s easy to think we don’t need much looking after and we often neglect our own needs as our lives fill back up with work, family and social commitments. We tend to prioritise a long list of other responsibilities before we consider ourselves. Making time for regular and meaningful self-care is important, these habits can fuel the good days, whilst keeping you from feeling too low on the not-so-good days.


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The bathroom is definitely home to a variety of self-care habits, and a great place to start when wanting introduce a bit of a regime. It’s a space where the stressors of the day can be washed away, and you can unwind and reset.


We’ve pulled together a list of simple tips and small changes you can incorporate, to help you think beyond a purely practical bathroom and get a spa-like experience from home.


Soothing Scents


Scents play a major role in a luxury spa experience, evoking different emotional responses depending on the scent. Lavender has strong healing properties and has been shown to reduce stress levels, mint is known to invigorate the mind and create a sense of clarity and eucalyptus reduces feelings of tension and promotes relaxation.


This can be achieved with scented candles and/or essential oil reed diffusers. This one from Arran in their signature scent ‘After the Rain’ combines aromas of rose, sandalwood and lime, with the entire brand being influenced by untouched, natural elements to create scents which are uniquely Scottish.


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It’s amazing what a good tidy-up can do to transform a space. Keep your counters clutter-free for that ‘tidy room - tidy mind’ mentality, so you can really relax when in your bathroom. This might mean investing in a little more storage or just being a tad more savvy with what you’ve got, and getting into habits of putting things away after use.


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It’s the details which create a true feeling of luxury in a bathroom. Make every bath or shower feel like a trip to a high-end spa by investing in quality, soft, full-body bath towels, this may seem non-essential but it can really elevate your relaxing evenings. Or if you don’t want to invest in a full towel set, a cosy bathrobe could be a great addition.


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You can create the towel set perfect for you with The White Company.



Set the Mood with Lighting


The lighting in a room can completely alter the mood, and so creating the perfect light for your bathroom is a key way of achieving a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere. An easy way of doing this is through the use of candles, and if they’re scented, even better!


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Spas usually provide endless little luxuries to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Mimick this experience in your at-home spa by purchasing a bubble bath, bath salts or oils you can indulge in during a soak, and have on display on your shelves or sink.


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The ‘Eco Bundle’ from the 100% natural brand Kushboo, contains a therapeutic lavender and lemon bath soak, a calming and soothing exfoliant soap bar and a floral shampoo bar – all curated in Ribble Valley, England. Perfect little luxuries that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but kind to your body and skin.


With these tips in mind your bathroom is bound to feel more luxurious and renewed without having to break the bank, or knock down walls. Show us your little slice of selfcare heaven, whatever that may be, by tagging us on Instagram @ohpopsi and using the hashtag ‘MeTime’.



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