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Introducing Seasons

Friday, 29th October 2021 / Wall Mural Collections


Untitled-1.jpg (95 KB)


Is there a more perfect time of year to start implementing colours and textures into our homes that emulate the ever-changing Seasons we see outside?


We have officially entered Autumn, a time of transition and what seems to be extra-appreciation for our Mother Earth. This stunning collection began with hand-painted watercolour pieces, originally crafted on canvas using an array of colour palettes, reflective of the seasonal changes outdoors. We wanted to turn this into a stunning anthology of mural designs as a way of introducing beautiful landscapes, grounding hues and a sense of nature into your home.


The vibrant greens of meadows and grasses; with more muted mossy and olive shades too; warm hues of terracotta and paprika emulating golden hour and cool neutrals of flint and clay. These colour palettes work harmoniously to create this completely timeless collection of unique wall murals.




     Dapple_Tree_Forest_210719.jpg (526 KB)    WND50101M_NewDappleTree_Forest_WFWF_1000x800 copy.jpg (202 KB)

     Available in 5 colourways


This design portrays the beauty of trees with falling leaves dancing around the canvas. Different colourways and mottled warmth embody the changing seasons throughout the year.



Forest Seasons


Intertwining silhouettes of slender forest tree trunks, abundant foliage and contrasting shadows and light encapsulate you in nature.


     Forest_Seasons_Silver_Lemon_210723.jpg (427 KB)    WND50111M_ForestSeasons_SilverLemon_Amended_WFWF_1000x800.jpg (194 KB)

     Available in 5 colourways





Inspired by natural horizons this design creates a feeling of open spaciousness, sweeping landscapes and colourways allow you to embrace the endless scenery.


     Horizon_Tropic_210802.jpg (559 KB)    WND50117M_Horizon _Tropic_WFWF_1000x800.jpg (192 KB)

     Available in 4 colourways





Sweeping horizons and layered watercolours draw you into the hazy skyline of this mural. Beautiful and serene.


     Sunset_Winter_210729.jpg (545 KB)    WND50106M_Sunset_WINTER3_WFWF_1000x800.jpg (167 KB)

     Available in 5 colourways





Bold and lively dandelions dance through the meadows, and are brought to life with painterly watercolours. Say hello to spring.


     Meadow_Jade_Linen_210730.jpg (818 KB)    WND50120M_Meadow_Jade_Linen_1000x800_XKN_RGB-1.jpg (509 KB)

     Available in 4 colourways



Join us in being at one with nature this Autumn and Winter. Shop the Seasons collection now and bring the grounding energy into your own home.  

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