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Saturday, 16th October 2021 / Interior Design Trends




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Maximalism has found its moment and its well and truly returning. Bold, colourful and expressive, this trend was highly popular in the 70s, and made its way into not only wardrobes and personal style, but also homes and interiors. Now, after a well-worn interiors stint of grey-on-grey, and black and white everything, maximalism seems to be making a bit of a comeback, perhaps in retaliation to the mass minimalist market of recent years, and its defiant return is taking centre stage this A/W 2021.


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This punchy trend promotes pattern, bold palettes, repetition, graphic prints and one-of-a-kind possessions. In a way maximalism is much more personal than minimalism. Although loud and unapologetic, maximalism also offers a sense of relatability and comfort – often expressive of personality, interests and quirks. Unique pieces in the home, like perfectly-imperfect artisan ceramics and photography are replacing the more commercial and uniform accessories we’ve turned to in recent years, and we’re mixing and matching themes, colours and materials.


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Maximalism can be seen as synonymous with stately home interiors, lending a more traditional feel, however it’s the bold colours and modern accents that are updating this style and transforming it from a trend of eras past, to one of the present. In the past maximalism has sometimes been associated with clutter and chaos, but here at Ohpopsi we’re championing a new kind of maximalism, one curated to perfectly represent your flare, quirks and personality with style. Too much of anything can be overwhelming, but pulling together a visual haven of colours, textures and styles that not only harmonise with one another, but actually mean something to you can evoke a sense of home, stability and joy.


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A few simple ways of introducing a maximalist feel to your home include playing around with different textures and colours – mix and match things, have fun! Start displaying your accumulated book collections with pride, rather than banishing them to a cupboard for fear of disrupting a certain aesthetic. Show off any artwork, ceramics, photography or statues and don’t be afraid to create a blend of different styles, who says your space can’t be eclectic, loud and boho all at the same time? Throws, rugs, cushions and plants are also great options to add texture and layering.


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Maximalism allows you to display every side of your personality, it lifts the spirits and brings joy and inspiration into the home. It challenges rules and pushes boundaries, and is about surrounding yourself with things you love. Your four walls are the one space free of authority, a personal sanctuary where we can rest, love, and recharge.


Maximalist interiors tell you about a person. People are not just one thing, they’re complex and multi-faceted. Minimalism can be lacking in emotion and paints a white sheet over these quirks whilst maximalism is a means of expressing who you really are, in style.



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