in the home

Black and white will always be a classic; a colour combination that isn’t dictated to by changing seasons, it truly is a timeless favourite. Having stood the test of time, monochrome is here to stay and can be highly effective in creating a stylish aesthetic in your home without falling in to following a short-lived trend.

Tones like carbon, chalk and leather are polar opposites but work together in perfect harmony to create dramatic, contrasting spaces with an authentic statement.

Monochrome can also be more than just black and white - it simply implies a colour scheme using one colour but in different tones to create a cohesive appearance, so the options that can be created using a monochromatic décor style are actually endless, allowing you to delve into your creativity and make it your own.

Utilising pattern can bring drama to a monochrome interior and geometric prints and stripes can be incorporated easily through wallcoverings, soft furnishings and accessories. Adding texture and pattern can work well to add interest and character to your space whilst breaking things up a bit.

Adding personal touches creates an authentic and welcoming space

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