The summer months are concurrent with lots of lovely things; heat, sunshine, blue skies, gorgeous blooms and thriving, luscious greenery. It’s safe to say that it’s nature and all its beauty that springs to mind when we think of Summer.

With the season being just around the corner, we’ve launched our latest wallpaper collection, Riches of Nature, a stunning anthology of designs that celebrate nature and the changing seasons in all their glorious forms.

We all have a strong connection with nature, whether it’s an appreciation of the beauty of nature and all the wonderful colourful details that surround us, or a love of being outdoors and breathing in the renewal of flora and fauna each season.

Inspired by flowers, fruit, butterflies and woodlands, Riches of Nature uses a unique mix of organic shapes and both vintage and abstract influences to create this positive and expressive range of wallpapers.

Embracing a mix of styles, our collection celebrates a blend of vintage motifs, classic toiles, expressive mark making and watercolour softness that demonstrates our true passion for colour, texture, and scale.

Join us this summer and beyond in embracing the Riches of Nature, and head over to our Instagram for even more content. Instagram: @ohpopsi