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Nursery Decor Ideas

Friday, 16th November 2018 / Home Decor

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The right environment and decor in your baby's or toddler’s nurseries is vital for their development, getting a good night’s sleep, and for inspiring their imaginations.  Whether you’re expecting the big arrival, or looking for a makeover for your little one’s sleeping space, here are a few of our top decor ideas for nurseries.  


1.  Think about using textures

Textured walls are not only for adults, babies can enjoy them too!  The illusion of a textured wall such as the faux white washed wooden panel design below inspired by Alice in Wonderland not only provides the room with a strikingly unique flair, it also creates warmth and interest ideal for your babies developing senses.


WALS0106_CGRMST-1.jpg (591 KB)  

Featured Product: Wonderland

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Featured Product: Explore


2.  Go Educational

Why not start their learning early and put them on the right path with a fun educational wall mural?  Open their eyes and minds to new ideas from an early age by transforming their nursery to a fun, educational and playful environment which they can cherish for years to come, perfect in encouraging their imaginations to run wild!
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3.  Add a feature wall

An ideal way to add interest to a room, feature walls are a perfect way to inject some personality into your little one’s sleeping space without overpowering it.  Feature walls not only add an extra touch of fun and liveliness to the room, they’re also perfect for when they grow a little older, being able to enjoy the mural for years to come.  A gender neutral design could also work for any future siblings!


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Featured Product: Mini Adventure

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Featured Product: Animal Reservation


4.  Splash of Colour

Better suited for energetic toddlers than young babies, adding a splash of colour will inject some imaginative adventure to your little ons’e room.  At a young age, their excitement and imagination change at such a fast pace, but with a colourful wall mural packed with playfulness and personality they won’t get bored easy!
WALS0187_CGRMST.jpg (119 KB)
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5.  Create a calming colour scheme

Going for soft, muted colour schemes and tones will work well for both you and your baby - not only will it be fashionable for your home, but will also have a calming, soothing effect on your baby.  Whites, pinks and light blues are ideal shades for a nursery, and allow easy customisation of the room as your baby grows up.
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1766759767-05-01-2018-10-52-31.jpg (96 KB)

6.  Consider light and darkness

When it comes to nurseries, natural light and brightness might not be an ideal sleeping space for you baby.  Babies need dark, quiet spaces to sleep, and a brightly lit room may not be beneficial for a good nights sleep for your baby (or you!).  So if the nursery has a lot of natural light coming in, you could darken the room by using grey and other dark colours.
WALS0177_CGRMST.jpg (120 KB)
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If you’re feeling inspired by this week’s blog and looking for some wall mural ideas to decorate your nursery, look no further.  Just click here for these and many more wonderful designs.


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