The positive power of green!

Monday, 23rd May 2022 / Interior Design Trends


The positive power of green!


Green is a wonderful colour to use in interiors, it embodies positivity, renewal and balance. It’s incredibly versatile and can be earthy and moody or fresh, zingy and uplifting, but whatever the tone, the hues of nature have the ability to work harmoniously with all other colours in any room.  Loved by Interior designers for years green tones don’t always have to be the main event and can be used as an accent against any canvas.


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With Spring on our doorstep and the cheerful palette of seasonal flowers bursting through, the lively bright greenery of the season; fresh grass, leaves and foliage, create a sense of rebirth, and a connection with freedom and nature. It’s the colour of hope and growth and it’s the colour that we look at the most through the natural world that surrounds us.


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From diverse tones of forest, asparagus and emerald through to apple, mimosa and lime, they all exist to remind us of the importance of loving nature and protecting it. 


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At Ohpopsi we love green in all its forms and create modern wallpapers and murals that bring a little bit of the world around us in to our home.



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