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Wallpaper Murals For Girls' Bedrooms

Friday, 12th October 2018 / Home Decor

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All of our wallpaper murals are suitable for both boys and girls, and last week we highlighted the ones that might appeal particularly to boys.  This week it’s the girls’ turn! These classic and contemporary wallpaper murals have been designed with girls of all ages and personalities in mind, from a beautiful ballerina to a classic rock chick guitar.  Our range of girls’ wallpaper murals are as inspirational as they are decorative, whether you opt for an elaborate design or something understated, your little girl or teenager will love her new room.

For little girls’ nurseries & playrooms

Packed full of bright fun colours, these wallpaper murals are a great way to inject some imaginative adventure in to your little one’s room.  From a playful camping trip with her favourite animals, a trip to the beach, or beautiful coloured hearts adorning the full width and height of the wall she surely won't get bored easy looking at these!
1448143017-05-01-2018-10-02-13.jpg (159 KB)
WALS0272_CGRMST.jpg (623 KB)
WALS0170_CGRMST.jpg (94 KB)

For the bold teenager

Create a stylish teenage bedroom with these bold and brave designs that really pack a punch.  From inspirational sayings on chalk, stylish pop art and watercolour styles, and even one for the rock chick, we have something for every taste and interest.
WALS0233_CGRMST.jpg (329 KB)
WALS0005_RMS_1000PX-1.jpg (183 KB)
WALS0139_CGRMST.jpg (104 KB)
WALS0068_CGRMST.jpg (233 KB)

Alice in Wonderland 

Drawing the beauty from John Tennial’s original Alice in Wonderland illustrations, these Alice in Wonderland inspired wall murals expertly combines illustration, pattern and colour to create designs that will allow you to subtly introduce a mural into your girl's bedroom.  Whether its to turn her bedroom into something beautiful or add a little curiosity to a playroom, these wallpaper murals are a very modern way to create a new take on traditional design which she will surely love.
WALS0107_RMS_1000PX.jpg (212 KB)
WALS0106_CGRMST.jpg (591 KB)  
WALS0097_RMS_1000PX.jpg (286 KB)
SQ_AW15_A_Alice_In_Wonderland_Felicity_Wall_Mural.jpg (162 KB)

Sugar and spice, and everything nice...

For the elegant princesses wanting a girly room, take a look at these charming designs with restful, calm colour palettes.  Truly engage with the beauty of sparkling roses, pink floating hearts and the poise, posture and elegance of a ballerina.  The ideal way to turn her room in to a tranquil heaven.

WALS0202_CGRMST.jpg (501 KB)

Featured Product:  Roses & Sparkles

WALS0274_CGRMST.jpg (370 KB)

Featured Product: Sweet Hearts

WALS0230_CGRMST.jpg (647 KB)

Featured Product:  Ballerina

WALS0051_CGRMST-1.jpg (168 KB)

Featured Product:  Rose Petals


Quirky, colourful and unconventional

Slightly more ‘out there’ than previous designs but they certainly make a statement, these are for those with a sense of adventure. From steampunk ballons to the vast expance of space, anything is possible with these murals!

WALS0216_CGRMST.jpg (942 KB)

Featured Product:  Popical

WALS0248_CGRMST.jpg (638 KB)

Featured Product:  Galaxy Stars

WALS0157_CGRMST-1.jpg (57 KB)

Featured Product:  Football Splash

WALS0246_1000PX.jpg (717 KB)

Featured Product:  Come Fly With Me

All our Ready Made wallpaper murals come in two set sizes:
          Large (3m x 2.4m) for £59.95
          or Extra Large (3.5m x 2.8m) for £79.95
OR you can create your design in Made to Measure format to fit the exact measurements of your wall


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