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Let Your Wild Side Shine

Friday, 3rd December 2021 / Wallpaper Collections


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Welcome to Wild. A collection comprised of bright bursts of colour, soft rainforest moods and plentiful lush foliage that are bound to add the perfect touch of tropical to your space. This collection aims to reflect the beauty and diversity that can be found in the wild, from classic large-scale palm leaves and flamboyant animal prints, to more refined designs, celebrating finer details like intricate bird feathers and layers of exuberant foliage.


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Small spaces can be made to feel bigger using designs offering movement and height, like Palmera and designs with skyward growing flora and vines, forming a natural vertical stripe. Bright colours and large-scale botanicals also create a sense of buoyancy and add life to any space.


P1010350.JPG (7.12 MB)  P1010260.JPG (9.54 MB)


P1010324.JPG (8.93 MB)


Conversely, to give large spaces a cosier mood whilst maintaining a tropical vibe, opt for darker themes and rich colour combinations, try the designs Morris - Dark Sable and Jungle Cheetah – Ink, creating a snug and warm space.


P1010305.JPG (9.92 MB)  Jungle_Cheetah_Ink_1000px.jpg (998 KB)


With maximalism having made its defiant return, this collection is a great place to start; style these designs with boldly coloured furniture, accessories and décor, even add more plants! Alternatively, a minimalistic aesthetic can also be achieved by opting for wooden furniture and neutral colour palettes for a more organic, stripped-back feel.  


P1010223.JPG (9.44 MB)  Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 10.23.02.png (792 KB)  P1010148.JPG (7.73 MB)


Transport yourself to warm summer evenings with this versatile collection. Let your Wild side shine.


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