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Winter Walks Around the North West

Monday, 10th January 2022 / How-Tos


Winter Walks Around the North West


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Strolls in the winter sun can be one of the best things about this time of year. Wrapped up warm treading on crunchy leaves, frosty grass and inhaling the crisp, fresh air feels like the breath of new life we need following the festive period and moving forward into the new year. The idea of a ‘walk’ can sometimes feel slightly uninspiring, but these locations will be sure to change your mind.



Shutlingsloe, Macclesfield


Shutlingsloe.jpg (87 KB)

cc. Ian Warburton


One for a pair of sturdy shoes or walking boots, this walk takes around 3 hours and is on the more difficult side, but is definitely rewarding. The walk starts in the car park and through the surrounding fields before finding yourself walking along the gravel path of Macclesfield Forest, enjoy a stroll sheltered beneath the tall trees before you eventually you spot the peak of Shutingsloe, where you will be able to see panoramic views of Cheshire, Manchester and even Wales if the weather permits a clear day. The descent is definitely easier and leads you back to the car park, and the nearby pub – The Crag Inn, where you will no doubt be tempted for a beverage and bite to eat (they’re renowned for their carveries).



Tatton Park, Knutsford


Tatton_house-1.jpg (147 KB)

cc. Rich Daley


Tatton Parks lies nestled in the heart of Knutsford and is a great spot for a winter walk with family and friends. There is something for everyone, whether that’s enjoying the adventure playground, explore the gardens, grab a coffee or take a look around the 18thcentury mansion. A walk around the park will only take you a couple of hours, but with the range of different facilities to engage in it can be an all-day event! Stop off at Gardeners Cottage to finish the outing with a spot of afternoon tea.  



Etherow Country Park, Stockport


Compstall_-_Etherow_Country_Park_-_Reservoir.JPG (1.47 MB)

cc. Skinsmoke 


A hidden gem falling between Marple and Romiley, Etherow Country Park was one of Britain’s first country parks. There are numerous different easy walks and trails through the woods and forests, and you can even walk along the lakes and past a waterfall. Aside from the walks there’s lots to get stuck into like fishing, sailing or motorboating, and with over 100 species of birds, bird watching is also an option.

Mam Tor, Peak District


Mam_Tor_Castleton.jpg (294 KB)

cc. Rob Bendall


Mam Tor, translating to ‘Mother Hill’ is based in Castleton, in the High Peak of Derbyshire. Reaching nearly 2000 feet in height, it is one of the more difficult walks but nonetheless, one of the most popular in the Peak District. It’s pretty much all uphill but once you get on the footpath, it won’t take long to reach the summit where you will be struck with beautiful views of the Peak District, and may even catch the sunset if you time it right. Allow plenty of time for this one as it can take around 4 hours, but on heading back down you can take a look around the charming village of Castleton and grab a luxury hot chocolate at the Cheshire Cheese Inn.



Tegg’s Nose, Macclesfield


Teggs_Nose_Ridgegate.jpg (43 KB)

cc. Philip Halling


For those wanting a stunning view after a long hike, Tegg’s Nose Country Park is an amazing choice located in the East of Macclesfield, where at the summit you can look over the nearby Macclesfield Forest, reservoirs and on a clear day even The Welsh Hills and Liverpool’s cathedrals in the distant horizon. The walk to the summit is around 2.5 miles and it is 350m high with a slight incline, the perfect level of difficulty to get a small healthy sweat on whilst also being very doable and a great family outing. Not only is there the walking trail but also plenty of activities from rock climbing in the park’s quarry to fishing and horse riding, there’s something for everyone.




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