Spring Sale: £35 Wall Murals

Tuesday, 26th February 2019 / Competitions & Offers

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We've slashed the prices of over 118 wall murals to only £35!  Perfect for a Spring makeover! Take a look...


Spots And Dots

This simple yet bold mural is a fresh approach to injecting pops of colour into your room with minimal design.

WALS0229_CGRMST.jpg (514 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35 


Rose Petals

Turn your room into a tranquil haven and enjoy the beautiful blue sky reaching high above the deep purple of row upon row of lavender. The ideal way to feel like are sat in Provence, without leaving your living room.

WALS0051_CGRMST.jpg (168 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35



 Majestic Zebras and flamboyant flamingo’s amongst giant palm leaves and exotic flowers, the Zemingo wall mural will be sure to brighten any wall.

WALS0213_CGRMST.jpg (826 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Leafy Lane

Take a walk through this tropical leafy lane of exotic plants. Bringing the outside in with this beautiful exotic mural.  Nature at its best.

WALS0197_CGRMST.jpg (665 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35



Some of the world’s most famous landmarks are depicted here in beautiful black and white with the most famous Empire State building taking pride of place. Broaden your horizons in your home with this incredible wall mural.

WALS0146_CGRMST.jpg (127 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Steel Curves

Coolly contrasting polished metal with sweeping curves, this slick design is perfect for those of you who want a designer edge with a difference.

WALS0040_RMS_1000PX.jpg (134 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Union Jack

A vintage take on a british icon. What could be more striking on a feature wall than the classic red, white and blue? 

WALS0066_CGRMST.jpg (696 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Botanical Hexagonal Prisms

Soft grey hexagonal prisms feature botanical floral leaves in this relaxing design. A calming statement piece for any wall.

1811610988-03-01-2018-15-08-31-1.jpg (651 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Bold Paisley

Take a step back in time and discover the old English trend of bold paisley, with its intricate design this mural will transform your home.

661535834-03-01-2018-14-41-36-1.jpg (804 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Flamingo Croquet

Allowing John Tennial’s beautifully imagined illustration of Alice in Wonderland in one of the story’s most famous scenes take centre stage, the muted green backdrop and simple use of pattern shines light on the skill and imagination of this revered illustrator and turns his illustrations into a simply wonderful wall mural.

WALS0098_RMS_1000PX.jpg (212 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Japanese Waves

Enjoy the dramatic waves of vibrant blues crashing onto your wall with this statement Japanese waves wall mural.  Perfect for those who want a mural design with an unusual twist.

WALS0237_CGRMST.jpg (824 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35



A cityscape with a twist, this beautiful wall mural uses a spectrum of pastel shades to create an unusual yet stunning view of a capital city.

WALS0027_RMS_1000PX-1.jpg (128 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Teal Flora

A soft delicate array of flora set against a subtle teal background create this peaceful mural, a perfect addition to any décor in any room.

384104807-03-01-2018-15-33-16.jpg (628 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Animal Attraction

Lights, music, catwalk…… This amazing mural is like a scene from fashion week as the animals show their personality through their style of clothes. This mural will help any room take centre stage.

1059227141-05-04-2018-11-22-51.jpg (667 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Oriental Birds

On the backdrop of snow topped mountains and rich pink blossom trees, these oriental birds with their pure white feathers add life to any plain wall.

572883671-03-01-2018-16-48-22.jpg (700 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35

Floral Birds

Differentiated by their feathers these beautiful birds supported by various flowers allow your imagination to tip toe through all the seasons on this amazing mural. A truly wonderful example of bringing nature into your home.

1708065486-03-01-2018-17-01-39.jpg (789 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Ye Old Trees

Enjoy the view of an avenue of majestic trees and wide-open pathway that lead you through a park with this amazing mural.

WALS0203_CGRMST.jpg (718 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


Bear And Bee

Watch the bears get their paws sticky and have some fun with this sweet mischievous mural.

1480049192-05-01-2018-11-22-03.jpg (804 KB)

Large (3m x 2.4m): £35


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