5 Ways NOT To keep The Kids Entertained During Half-Term

Tuesday, 13th February 2018 / Competitions & Offers

Parents: we understand.

Half-term is here and the joyous duty of entertaining the kids for 16 hours of the day is added to the juggling act that is midweek. Pre-primary school we managed, but the expectations (and tantrums) were more manageable then. The anticipation of a holiday and, if you’re lucky, a summer school, mean the summer holidays pass without a hitch. 

But what about half-term?

It’s only a week, but if you’re not prepared it will last a lifetime. Luckily, there’s a million blog posts about ‘1000 ways to keep the kids entertained during the holidays’, with more than a touch of the classic easier-said-than-done naivety in each. 

So what about the things you definitely shouldn’t do? We asked Mums and Dads the half-term mistakes they’ve made which led to full-scale chaos. Read on, and be careful; these are the five ways not to keep your kids entertained this half-term.



Expectation: Channel your children’s creativity and be the laid back parent you told everyone you would be; canvas’ in the kitchen, crayons on the couch. Who cares? The kids love it and they’re being productive. 

Reality: More war-room than Warhol, one great big art attack on your living room, and your facial expression reflects that.  



Expectation: Your own little team of Titchmarshes to de-weed your garden and de-stress your day. 

Reality: Less Ground Force, more ground zero.


The little chefs...

Expectation: What a brilliant idea, the kids can whistle up something from that (unopened) stocking-filler cookbook Santa got them 3 years ago whilst you get on with your to-do list.  

The reality: Cooking up a sugar storm. 


Look after the pets

Expectation: A run around the garden chasing their tail should prevent the whining in the evening - will hopefully keep the dog happy too. 

Reality: Less Mowgli and Baloo, more Dennis and Gnasher.


Look after each other

Expectation: Save yourself a job, teach the eldest a bit of responsibility, everybody’s a winner. 

Reality: The Royal Rumble and you're the referee.


Okay, I can be a grumpy old parent from time to time. No matter how major the tidy up operation, having the kids around the house does bring a smile to my face infinitely more than stress to my life. 

But there is an easier way where everyone's a winner:

Have the kids help you to finally get round to redecorating their bedroom or playroom this half term. We’ve got hundreds of wall murals to choose from, whether it’s Science and Space, Animals and Wildlife, Maps and Education or something else which inspires your children, you’re bound to find it in ohpopsi’s 30% sale on all children’s wall murals

- Easy to apply

- Quality, durable material

- Hassle-free, headache-free

Looking for advice? Contact a member of the ohpopsi team today.


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