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Thursday, 27th June 2019 / Home Decor

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From Alice in Wonderland to Zebras, we have a wall mural for every letter of the alphabet! Which one is your favourite?


A is for Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s adventures have been one of the best loved stories and an undeniable classic of children’s literature. Its magical tales have captured the imagination of children and adults alike.  John Tennial’s original illustration captured the magic of Alice and her friends and transformed it into wonderful wall mural designs complete with inspirational quotes.

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Featured Product: Tea Party


B is for Beach

Golden sands, gentle waves lapping the shore and a blue sky caressed by mists of cloud, each day is sure to be filled with sunshine with a beach wall mural! A serene image will bring you back to your favourite beach memory and instil tranquillity to your space.

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Featured Product: Seashore


C is for Concrete

Concrete effect wall murals will give you more of an urban grunge feel to your interior.  When it comes to unique texture, rustic looking concrete can give any room a real wow factor. Whether it’s smoothed or rugged, concrete effect won’t let you down when it comes to detail.  Also, the soft hued grey of concrete will match various colour schemes you might have in your home.

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Featured Product: Concrete


D is for Dinosaurs

Bring your room to life by creating an adventurous pre-historic wonderland with a Dinosaur wall mural. Are you brave enough to enter this prehistoric world alone, do you have what it takes in this battle of man against beast?

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Featured Product: Dinosaur Kingdom


E is for Education

By their very nature, children are imaginative, creative and full of life, so it only makes sense that their spaces should be filled with vibrant colour and energy too. It is now easier than ever to transform your kid’s bedroom into a fun, educational & playful environment.

WALS0173_CGRMST-1.jpg (153 KB)

Featured Product: Universe Infographic


F is for Floral

Bring the freshness of spring into your home with a floral wall mural. Whether it's a bold or understated look you're after, a flowery wallpaper design will be sure to effortlessly revitalise your space, so explore our vast range today.

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Featured Product: Roses & Sparkles


G is for Geometric

Geometric designs are big, bold and bright; perfect for any room in need of a designers touch. Utilising bold pattern and colour combined with simple lines, geometric designs provide a fresh take on traditional wallpaper and are a strong nod to the repeat pattern wallpaper.

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Featured Product: Colourful Geometric Mosaic


H is for Hearts

Hearts are great for decorating your kid's rooms when they have outgrown their baby decor. Heart designs especially on a fresh white ground are a great way to brighten up your child's bedroom.

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Featured Product: Colour My Hearts


I is for Illusion

Add depth and a cool, modern vibe to your interior with eye catching Illusions and 3D wall murals. Marvel at their boldness as the designs appear to leap off the wallpaper, adding a new dimension to your room.

WALS0039_RMS_1000PX.jpg (131 KB)

Featured Product: Infinity Tunnel 3D


J is for Japanese

For lovers of all things oriental, Japanese inspired wall murals are perfect for those wanting a feature wall with a calming influence. They create a timeless feature wall that can be complimented with any furniture to suit your interior style.

WALS0232_CGRMST.jpg (102 KB)

Featured Product: Japanese Lake


K is for Kittycorns

The adorable part kittens, part unicorns, known for their majestic properties and loveable nature, would make a fun and ‘meowgical’ addition to your little ones bedroom or playroom.

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Featured Product: Kittycorns


L is for Llamas

If you're looking to add a unique new theme to a room in your home and bring a refreshing aspect of fun to your space look no further than llamas!  Fun and quirky, they're guaranteed to bring a smile into your home. Great for kids, teens, or anyone who loves the exciting new llamas trend.

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Featured Product: Hello Llama


M is for Marble

Faux marble effect wallpaper deliver all the power of the real thing, providing marble texture that is never off trend. They are extremely versatile, allowing you to achieve a stylish marble aesthetic in your bedroom, living room, bathroom and more, while keeping things simple and affordable.

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Featured Product: Marble


N is for New York

Bask into the architectural wonders of New York with a mural of the Big Apple. New York murals will give you a glimpse of the urban dwelling that is the so-called city of dreams and provide a sense of tranquility to a room, making it a good option for the bedroom, study or living room.

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Featured Product: New York Empire State


O is for Origami

Origami fuses a hint of geometric with a crisp palette for a bold and statement look. Origami as a digitally printed design creates the illusion of sculptured origami paper folds adding a 3-dimensional look to your walls for maximum impact.

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Featured Product: Origami Mountains 3D


P is for Pop Art

The classic pop art design is a striking look and will inject colour into any interior. Whether it be beautiful blues, bold reds or graphically stylistic characters, Pop Art murals make a focal point in any room it's used in, ideal for teenage bedrooms, offices and workspaces looking for something different.

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Featured Product: Pop Art


Q is for Queen

Who wouldn't want to be a queen for the day?  Create something truly unique that will spark their imagination with crowns, tiaras and a royal theme.  

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Featured Product: Crowning Glory


R is for Roses

Fall in love with the timeless beauty of roses. As roses have various representations, the most popular of which is love, family and guests will certainly feel the love coming from a rose design. It is a perfect piece for a bedroom or living room to add an extra touch of class and charm to spaces in your home that you would like to have a traditional style.

WALS0206_CGRMST.jpg (117 KB)

Featured Product: Grey Rose Petals


S is for Space

Bring the beauty of the cosmos into your own home with a space design, allowing you to create a room that is out of this world. The soothing colours of the stars, moons, planets and galaxies will be enough to relax anyone and bring out their inner explorer.

WALS0076_CGRMST.jpg (133 KB)

Featured Product: Planet Landscape


T is for Tropical

Turn your home into an inviting paradise and stay on trend with a stylish tropical wall mural. A tropical pattern is a versatile design that will help to create a fresh, modern theme and allow you to escape into a zone of complete relaxation.

WALS0211_CGRMST-1.jpg (230 KB)

Featured Product: Tropical Palm Leaves


U is for Unicorns

Capture your little one’s imagination with an Unicorn mural. Like a bedtime story willing them to sleep each night, unicorns will transform their sleeping space to the bedroom of their dreams. We have a range brilliant design full of bold colour, unicorns a fairytale castle, all the things your little girl will absolutely love!

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Featured Product: Unicorn Magic


V is for Views

Create the ultimate relaxation experience each day in your home with a view straight from nature. A view from nature would look and feel particularly perfect in a bedroom – a faux yet incredibly realistic mountain range or a forest surrounding your bedroom on the walls will allow you to feel the presence of nature which reassures us on a primitive level, as nature offers sanctuary.

WALS0240_CGRMST.jpg (114 KB)

Featured Product: Cloudy Mountain Peaks


W is for Watercolours

Watercolour wall murals are works of art that never fail to impress guests. Utilizing the amazing effects of the different hues of multiple colors, watercolour effect add a bit of a “blotchy,” but imaginative elegance to your walls.

WALS0025_RMS_1000PX.jpg (128 KB)

Featured Product: Watercolour Flowers


X is for Xantus Hummingbirds

When decorating your home, animals always make a massive statement, and one of the most interesting of them all are birds, especially Hummingbirds which are becoming a bit of a trend lately. The wonderfully vibrant tones of the xantus hummingbird's beautifully coloured feathers brings your walls to life.

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Featured Product: Hummingbird Garden


Y is for Youth

Children, especially boys spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, used for sleeping, playing, studying, and hanging out with friends, their space should be a reflection of their personality.  From toddlers to teens, and everything in between, we have a selection of stylish, practical and fun wallpaper murals perfect for the youth of today.

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Featured Product: Graffiti Monster


Z is for Zebras

Welcome the fun animal print trend onto your feature wall with a zebra wall mural. Zebra stipes, especially paired with flamboyant flamingos or giant palm leaves will effortlessly add a fun element to your space and be sure to brighten any wall. Zebra prints are a great choice for bedroom wallpaper, or even your living room and more if you love quirky design.

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Featured Product: Zemingo


If you would like to make your walls wonderful with these stunning textured wall murals, look no further than our Ready Made Wall Murals.  From A-Z you’re sure to find the mural for you to make a statement in your home.


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