Adventure Themed Wall Mural Ideas

Friday, 14th August 2020 / Home Decor

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Adventure Themed Wall Mural Ideas:

Perfect for your little explorers.

Create a fun and engaging environment for your child's bedroom, nursery, or playroom with these adventure themed wall murals.


1.  Maps

Bring a world of adventure to your child's bedroom or playroom by introducing a fun educational design that will surely encourage interaction and discussion about the world they live in. Unleash their imagination with these beautifully detailed pictoral world maps featuring all kinds of animals which live on each continent and ocean.

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2. Under The Sea

Let them discover a world hidden beneath the waves and dive under the sea to experience fun marine characters.  From schools of cartoon fish to a playful mermaid and her castle, a playful ocean theme will surely spark their interests.

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3.  Travel Theme

Perfect for little boys and girls who love a little adventure, this charming wall mural will embrace your little ones adventure and take them on a journey through fairgrounds, duck ponds and past hot air balloons.

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Or why not let them go camping with all their favourite animals!

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4.  Seaside Theme

With a bucket and spade in hand, distant boats lining the horizon, and colourful beach huts reflecting the sun's warm rays; a beach theme will remind your little ones of a hot summer's day playing and exploring the seaside.  Pair them with soft wooden furnishing for the ultimate seaside decor.

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5.  The Great Outdoors

Bring the scenery of the great outdoors into your child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery with a magical mountain scene. A fun and imaginative scene from the outdoors will make their space look endearingly stylish!

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You can find more wonderful kids wall murals by clicking this link.


All our Ready Made wall murals come on a roll in two set sizes:
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