Style a Nursery with Animals

Friday, 5th April 2019 / Competitions & Offers

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Designing a nursery calls for tons of style and the perfect dose of playfulness, so why not introduce your little ones to some animals?

From pastel hued wooly mammoths to dreamy unicorns, these fun nursery looks are perfect for sparking your child's imaginations.


1.  Sea Creatures

Dive deep under the sea and let them discover the world hidden beneath the waves with this Underwater Adventures wall mural. A charming mural for a nursery or playroom. They’ll love these aquatic cartoon characters!

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2.  Birds

Before the days of social media, hanging around on some bunting was the way the birds kept in touch (no tweeting). This fun wall mural will give them hours of entertainment!

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3.  Unicorns

Capture your little one’s imagination by adding a touch of fun, sparkle and magic to their walls with unicorns. Like a bedtime story willing them to sleep each night, these unicorn murals will transform your kids room into a magical fairy tale kingdom.

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4.  A Playful Bunny

If you’re looking for a creative new design for your child’s nursery or playroom, our charming balloon wall mural is the perfect choice. Featuring a cute little bunny off for an adventure with its colourful balloons, a great design for those who love all things adorable.

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5.  Prehistoric Creatures

 You could bring your child’s wall to life with fun prehistoric wall murals featuring illustrations of mammoths and dinosaurs frolicking around in ancient fauna laid out on a simple pastel backgrounds. Perfect for adding some educational fun while also giving their room a beautifully stylish vibe.

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6.  Honey Bees and Bears!

If you are looking for cute honey bees and bears well look no further! Watch the bears get their paws sticky and have some fun with this sweet mischievous mural.

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7.  All The Animals!

Let your little’s ones go on a journey of discovery by introducing a whole plethora of diffrent animals which will surely keep them entertained for years to come!

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Just follow this link for these and more wonderful wall murals for young children.


All our Ready Made wall murals come on a roll in two set sizes:
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OR you can create your design in Made to Measure format to fit the exact measurements of your wall
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