Ideas to Bring Calmness to Your Home

Friday, 3rd April 2020 / How-Tos

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The home should be a relaxing place to unwind, be it with family and friends, or with a good book or TV show, the home is an important sanctuary.  Home decor can have a bigger influence on our moods, emotions and relaxation time than we think.  In terms of stress levels, it can transform your world for the better.  Choosing the right styles, colours and patterns can not only give your walls a stylish makeover but it can also boost your outlook on life! 

So, if you’re looking to give your home a relaxing transformation this Spring, why not take a look at these calming decor tips…


1.  Simplicity

Keeping it simple can really have an effect on decluttering the mind.  Using only one or two colours, minimal patterns or subtle textures can give your walls an understated yet trendy look that will surely create a calming space to unwind.

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2.  Keep it Light & Bright

Light colours can really open up a room making it seem much brighter and larger.  White and pale shades can give you a calming effect whilst also giving you a more open space to unwind.

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3.  Pick Upbeat Colours

If you prefer a splash of colour in your rooms, let your walls do the uplifting and go for cheerful upbeat ones as certain hues can boost morale, your favourite colour perhaps?
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4. Nature & the Outdoors

Taking inspiration from the great outdoors is a different yet effective way of bringing a calm feeling to your home.  Using photo real images of your favourite natures scenes such as the forest or beach can make you feel like you’re on holiday all year round.  Or if you prefer a more abstract feel to your walls, natural colours and earthy tones will also give you that subtle organic backdrop to your home.
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5.  Colour Combinations

Different colour combinations can evoke different emotions depending on which two or more colours are paired.   For instance a combination of warm and cool colours can be too visually overwhelming, whereas similar colour palettes such as grey and blue can create a soothing vibe and even help you sleep better!  Similarly, colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel such as blue and green can create a peaceful harmonious effect on the mood.
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6. Sanctuary Slogan

Having quotes on your walls is a great daily reminder to de-stress and motivate yourself to feel more relaxed and happy.  Whether it’s a hard day at the office, or the kids misbehaving, a quote or two can prompt you to keep calm and carry on.
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If you’re looking to give your home a relaxing refresh this Spring, be sure to explore these and many more ready made wall murals