How to Choose a Feature Wall

Friday, 5th July 2019 / How-Tos

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Feature walls are a great way of introducing a splash of colour and an interesting pattern to a room in a quick and easy way. They are perfect in creating an instant makeover to a space without having to re-decorate the whole room.  But how do you go about deciding which wall to select as your new feature wall?  Few things must be considered first before choosing which wall you want to transform as your new focal point.
Just follow these expert tips to ensure you get it right the first time… 


1.  Don’t over clutter the wall


A common mistake is to overcrowd your brand new feature wall with lots of furniture and accessories in order to highlight how this is your new focal point.  One statement piece of furniture such as a nice dresser is enough and works well as a focus against a feature wall, more than this and the wall will begin to feel cluttered and confusing.


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2.  Examine whether your room has a natural focus point


Sometimes, the right wall to choose for your feature wall will be obvious once you walk in to the room, however sometimes it can be a struggle to choose which one is the focus of that room.  Think about where the first place your eye wonders to when you enter the room. It could be a fireplace, a mantel, or a piece of statement furniture which you want to showcase and draw the eye towards. Draw attention to your room’s existing strengths if it has a natural focal point and work with the décor you already have to figure out which potential wall is best.


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3.  Check where the light falls


This one is simple, all you have to do is locate your windows and doors! Take note of where in the room the light falls and if it highlights the potential feature wall or not. For instance, a dark coloured feature wall in a gloomy part of the room will be constantly in the shadow thus making the room a whole lot darker.  Try to decide on a wall that gets plenty of natural light as this will not only showcase the feature wall, but will also brighten up the whole room.


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4.  Avoid walls with windows and doors


This one might be obvious but when selecting a feature wall to transform, try to choose a wall without any doors or windows! These walls are functional parts of a room, and usually not the best place to make a statement. Whilst creating a feature wall around a window is problematic within itself, following up from the previous point putting a feature wall on the same side as the window only creates shadows, destroying the bright light effect hitting the wall. Therefore stick to a wall with minimal architectural detailing for the best possible effect.


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Now you know exactly the best place to put your brand new feature wall, you can move on to the fun part… deciding on which design to choose! We have a whole range of options here at ohpopsi to choose from, we have something for every taste!


Maybe you love the stylish and modern geometric effect, or perhaps a more traditional faux effect textured wallpaper would best suit your home. Whatever your taste, we have loads of inspiration on our Ready Made Wall Murals page. You’ll be sure to find the mural for you to make the perfect statement wall in your home.


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