7 Walls You'd Think Are 'Faux Real' But Are Actually Wall Murals

Friday, 21st June 2019 / Interior Design Trends

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Faux effect and photo realistic textured prints are everywhere at the moment.  They deliver maximum impact for minimal effort and will have your guests marvelling at the optic trickery.  But which one is your favourite?  Whether you’re looking for sophisticated marble, washed timber wood, industrial concrete or even slate, we have them all at ohpopsi!  Take a look.


1.  Marble

As real marble is too expensive for most home owners, you can bring a sense of elegance into your room in a practical and affordable way with a faux marble wall mural.  It is always on trend, extremely versatile, and allows you to create a stylish aesthetic look that would suit any room of the home, from the bedroom to the kitchen! It’s simple and affordable!

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Featured Product: Marble


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Featured Product: Marbled Ink


2.  Metal

If you’re looking to create an industrial look to your interiors look no further than metal effect textures. Not often associated with interior décor, metal effect walls offer a unique addition to your home.  The array of textures available from tiled metal, studded metal, and even scratched metal offers heaps of character to the room.  This rough and ready print will have your guests wishing they’d thought of such a creative, contemporary and futuristic vibe to their own homes.


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Featured Product: Scratched Metal


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Featured Product: Studded Metal


3.  Concrete

Continuing with the industrial look, concrete effect wall murals will give you more of an urban grunge feel to your interior.  When it comes to unique texture, rustic looking concrete can give any room a real wow factor. Whether it’s smoothed or rugged, concrete effect won’t let you down when it comes to detail.  Also the soft hued grey of concrete will match various colour schemes you might have in your home.


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Featured Product: Concrete


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Featured Product: Concrete Squares


4.  Brick

Have you always admired the cool and fashionable look of an exposed brick wall?  Why not replicate that in your own living room or any room of your home with a faux brick wall mural. They’re forever popular and have remained stylish for years, be it a classic red brick, white brick or bricks with a funky design on top.  Brick offers great versatility for the modern homeowner.

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Featured Product: Red Brick


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Featured Product: Ink Splattered Bricks


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Featured Product: Union Jack on Bricks


5.  Wood

Surround yourself with natural textures with the wonderous look of wood. Paired with contemporary or traditional décor, you can create a homely and inviting atmosphere to your interiors. Whether you’re looking to create a cosy farmhouse feel with traditional weathered wood, or a modern shabby cheek look with white washed wood, it’ll have your friends thinking it’s the real deal! Smooth timber wood will complement softer interior style, while paler woods will complement a nautical or Scandinavian theme perfectly.


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Featured Product: Pale Wood


WALS0032_RMS_1000PX.jpg (155 KB)

Featured Product: Washed Timber


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Featured Product: Weathered Wood


6.  Slate

From living rooms to kitchens, slate effect wall murals offer an instant way to create a cosy relaxing space in your home.  The surface of a slate wall background has the look of handcrafted construction and is an ideal way to give a realistic and authentic charm to any room. You can choose from natural, stone shades for a rustic warm glow, or inject a contemporary feel with a stacked metallic slate effect.


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Featured Product: Grey Slate


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Featured Product: Slate


7.  Classic Stone

Often seen in old cottages and rural homes, stone wallpaper adds a distinct “outdoors” look to your walls without sacrificing any amount of sophistication.  As a feature wall, a stone effect look will add character and charm by creating a warming and calming atmosphere with minimal effort. It really shows the level of complexity in the work that went in to building old stone walls.


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Featured Product: Stone


+ Bonus: Glass

Rich and dramatic, stained glass effect adds a dramatic and luxurious effect to any room. A very abstract look and fabulous as a background to white furniture.


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Featured Product: Coloured Glass


Can you believe these are ‘faux real’?  If you would like to make your walls wonderful with these stunning textured wall murals, look no further than textured collection at  From the traditional to the contemporary, you’re sure to find the mural for you to make a statement in your home.