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Monday, 11th February 2019 / Weekly Blog

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Working with wall murals all day, the team here at ohpopsi HQ have developed a few personal favourite designs over the years. It wasn't easy choosing just one favourite from our 100+ collection, but here are some of the styles we love.

Matthew Osborne - Print Production & Distribution:  Origami Mountains

Matt who is responsible for print, production and distribution's favourite design is the Origami Mountains Wall Mural because it reminds him of how a style of stop motion movies are made which he loves!

1766759767-05-01-2018-10-52-31-1.jpg (96 KB)


Suzannah Osborne - Managing Director:  Mingle

Our Managing Director Sue's favourite Wall Mural is the Mingle design as she loves the colours and simplicity of the design, and thinks it's a perfect feature wall without being overly dramatic.

WALS0116_CGRMST-1.jpg (114 KB)


Barry Johns - Production Manager: Shades of Geometric

Barry the Production Manager's favourite wall mural is a geometric design from our Brand New 2019 Range,  he likes the modern, sharp lines and the subtle colour shift from the bottom to the top of the Shades of Geometric mural.

754597485-19-12-2018-10-07-31.jpg (506 KB)


Gemma Osborne - Sales and Marketing Manager: Vintage Botanic

Gemma our sales and marketing manager has also chosen a design from our New 2019 Range, this time its the flowery design Vintage Botanic.  This is her favourite mural as it's a calming design that she thinks would fit in various rooms. 

1128957530-16-01-2019-15-41-06-1.jpg (623 KB)

Louise Lomas - Graphic Designer: Social Text Graffiti

Louise, who comes up with some of our wonderful designs likes the fun style of the Social Text Graffiti Wall Mural. Everywhere you look there is something different to see and spot...she would have loved this in her bedroom when she was a younger. "It’s cool, fresh and fun. What’s not to like?"- we agree!

1021503487-14-01-2019-11-55-41-1.jpg (760 KB)


Mathew Parry - Marketing Assistant: Scientific Universe

Mathew, who loves everything space related, thinks the Scientific Universe design is not only visually cool with its richly illustrated infographic style but also contains some very interesting space facts about the universe and the things it contains!

WALS0173_CGRMST.jpg (145 KB)


Are any of your favourite designs featured in this weeks's blog? Let us know!


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