11 Different Styles of Geometric Wall Murals

Friday, 21st February 2020 / Interior Design Trends

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A geometric wallpaper mural allows you to be creative with your interior styling, experimenting with various shapes such as large scale patterns to uniform hexagons, diamonds, multi coloured triangles and more. Whatever your unique style, a geometric feature wall is perfect for any room in need of a designers touch. Here are some different styles of geometric wall murals available.


1. Scandinavian

Add some Scandinavian elegance to your geometric walls with a Scandinavian Nordic Geometric wall mural design, a minimalist geometric pattern that will add depth to your walls. A great way to get that effortless look in your home, adding a contemporary feel to any bedroom, living rooms or even office.

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Featured Product: Blue & Grey Scandinavian Nordic Geometric Wall Mural


2. Marble

Introduce a tile effect with a difference to your geometric  walls with a cool marbled textured wall mural. The use of black and white geometric shapes in this design separated by elegant gold edges and the textured marble style creates something simple yet truly impactful.

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Featured Product: Marbled Textured Geometric Wall Mural


3. 3D

Create a stunningly eye catching feature wall in any room of your home with a 3D geometric effect.  This metallic honeycomb effect design is for those who love the geometric pattern without too much colour.  A dramatic yet subtle statement piece.

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Featured Product: Metal Hexagons 3D Wall Mural


4. Tropical

Another twist on the honeycomb effect, add some tropical vibes to your geometric design with a botanical hexagonal prisms wall mural. Soft grey hexagonal prisms feature botanical floral leaves in this relaxing design. A calming statement piece for any wall.

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Featured Product: Botanical Hexagonal Prisms Wall Mural


5. Gradient

Contemporary meets boho chic with this Shades of Geometric wall mural. With dozens of interconnected triangles creating gradient shades from purple to oranges, this will surely add that on trend geometric look to your room.

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Featured Product: Shades of Geometric Wall Mural


7. Multi-coloured 

Create a bold feature wall that introduces colour into your space with a multi coloured geometric design, a contemporary idea that will transform your space in a unique way. It will add an interesting depth to your walls with the combination of colours, effortlessly modernising your room.

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Featured Product: Colourful Geometric Mosaic Wall Mural


8. One colour

If a multi coloured design isn't your thing, why not invite just the one colour to your wall. The Pink Pastel Triangles wall mural for instance stylishly balances a bold geometric design with subtle pastel pink tones and creating an interior with a real designer feel.

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Featured Product: Pink Pastel Triangles Wall Mural


9. Pastel Colours

Somewhat of a compromise between a multi coloured design and a single coloured, a mixture of pastel colours combined with the geometric shapes makes for a subtle yet distinctive design. With soft and welcoming tones, pastel colours are always a good choice if you want to add some light to a room. 

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Featured Product: Pastel Triangles Wall Mural


10. Abstract 

Geometry doesn't always have to be uniform! Add a stylish and contemporary feel to any room with an abstract geometric design.  A beautiful mix of greens and greys in this on-trend design is subtle yet distinctive enough to impress your guests.

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Featured Product: Pastel Geo Wall Mural


11. Kids!

Geometry isn't only for adults! It can look great in children's bedrooms, playrooms or nurseries too. Just check out this cool Geometric Football design made up of geometric football players. This brilliantly fun design will perfectly match any colour scheme and would look brilliant in any child's bedroom.

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