7 "Grad Tex" Wall Murals You Need to See

Wednesday, 15th January 2020 / Competitions & Offers

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Have you heard of gradual textured wallpaper, or as we call it "Grad Tex"? It's the latest trend in interior design with light and dark shades of colour blended together to create a faded composition of varied tones. It's subtle yet superbly effective in creating a unique and complementary feature wall for the home. As part of our new 2020 range we have 7 brand new gradual textured wall murals for you, take a look...


1. Antique Parchment

As a faux texture wallpaper, the Antique Parchment wall mural is a great choice for interior decor as it ads depth and character to your walls, making a more intriguing living space. This design is simple yet has varying shade and tones reminiscent of an old scroll texture making it eye catching without being too overpowering.

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2. Blue Whitewashed Surface

Take a look at this impressive Blue Whitewashed Surface wall mural. A unique design in which the grunge style gives the different tones of blue a very artistic allure. This design oozes simplicity, yet has a very imaginative flair, versatile enough to impress in any room of the house.

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3. Burnished Copper

Transform your living space with rich colour and the illusions of texture with the Burnished Copper wall mural. This realistic copper effect design is great in creating a refined feature wall mural that introduces a splash of colour in a unique way.

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4. Neo Minty Grunge

Featuring a lot of grungy texture and stunning gradient emerald colour, this Neo Minty Grunge wall mural will add a lot of personality to your home. Suitable as a backdrop for your living room, bedroom or various other spaces, this design is great in creating a fresh natural look for your home.

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5. Powder Blue Transition

This impressive faux texture design shows off a playful combination of blue hues and shades, fused with natural streaks and dents that give your walls that rough yet luxurious feel. Richly coloured, this Powder Blue Transition wall mural gives a high end touch of class to any room of the home.

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6. Rustic Monochrome

Instantly enhance any wall of the home with this chic Rustic Monochrome wall mural. Inspired by burnished metal, this design creates the illusion of texture and depth to your walls completing the contemporary and urban theme you're looking for inviting a high end style to your home.

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7. Purist Blue Gradient

With its naturally aged appearance, our Purist Blue Gradient wall mural holds a lot of character and texture that will add some charm to your home. This mural features an attractive blend of bright blue and dark blue colours that are perfect for creating a homely look in your living room or bedroom.

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Do you love the new gradient textured trend? We have these and loads more textured designs you'll love, and also we have a brand new range for 2020 for you to have a look at!


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