Modernize Your Kitchen With A Feature Wall Mural

Thursday, 18th July 2019 / Competitions & Offers

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The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of any home and usually the meeting place for family and friends. Kitchens nowadays are cleaner, sleeker, lighter and more stylish than ever before, and if you want to update your kitchen you’ve come to the right place!  Join us here at ohpopsi as we discuss how to use a feature wall mural to highlight the aspects of the modern kitchen and bring it to the 21stcentury.


1.  Consider Your Colour Palette


One of the key aspect of a modern kitchen is light, therefore it’s recommended that a light, natural colour palette for the base of your kitchen and walls would be perfect in creating a large feel and a bright space.  Cream or a brighter white shade works perfectly as a base for a kitchen, however other colours are certainly not off limits. Smaller, bold pops of colour complementing your natural colour palette would work best, for instance using brighter blue tiles or bright red cookware and kitchen accessories would compliment a white wall mural perfectly.


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Featured Product: Marble


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Featured Product: Alice in Wonderland Wood Textured Wall Mural


2.  Creating Natural Light


As previously mentioned, one of the key aspects of a modern kitchen is an abundance of natural light. Take note of where in the kitchen the light falls and if it highlights ta particular wall or not. For instance, a dark coloured feature wall in a gloomy part of the kitchen will be constantly in the shadow thus making the kitchen as a whole a lot darker. Try to decide on a wall that gets plenty of natural light as this will not only showcase the feature wall, but will also brighten up the whole kitchen.  Also, make sure you’re not blocking any natural light with heavy blinds or curtains, and windows should be taken advantage of, and if you’re short on them, a number of bright feature lights and lamps will help create a brighter, more open space.


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Featured Product: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party


3.  Bring Nature to Your Kitchen


Bring a breath of fresh air and an instant outdoorsy vibe to your modern kitchen with some plant pots and flowers, but don’t stop there!  A scene from nature or some greenery on your walls will instantly brighten up your modern kitchen. Paired with sleek wooden floors and décor this will give you a less ‘clinicy’ feel whilst also keeping the contemporary state of the art look. A nature inspired feature wall will instantly brighten up your space, bringing a beautiful touch of the outdoors inside.


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Featured Product: Autumn Leaves


3.  Urban Up Your Kitchen With a Cityscape 


What could be more modern than bringing a cityscape right on your walls? Exploring photogenic views of a busy city and its bustling streets will instantly give your kitchen that contemporary urban look. The beauty and detail of cities are made even more impressive represented in monochrome which will add drama to your kitchen.  A fast paced city life for those who are living in the fast lane, yet still a comfortable and relaxing view when the wall mural is added on your walls.


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Featured Product: New York Empire State


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Featured Product: NYC Wall Mural



Now you know exactly how to modernize a kitchen with a feature wall mural, you can move on to the fun part… deciding on which design to choose! We have a whole range of options here at ohpopsi to choose from, we have something for every taste!


Whether you love the stylish and modern cityscapes wall murals, the outdoorsy nature inspired wall murals, or perhaps a more contemporary marble faux effect textured wall murals, we have loads of inspiration on our Ready Made Wall Murals page. You’ll be sure to find the mural for you to make the perfect modern statement wall in your kitchen.


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