5 Ways to Revamp your Office With Murals

Monday, 4th February 2019 / Weekly Blog

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Is there something missing from your office? Does it lack personality?  Sometimes an office or workplace can lack that pleasant familiarity of home.  By introducing a wall mural and following these handy tips you can make your work environment feel like a place of joy and possibly even make you look forward to going in to work!


1.  Add focus with a map mural 

A world map or a localised map placed in a meeting room or board room where everyone can see it will help employees stay focused and get a feel of the markets they're working in and could possibly spur ideas to expand in to other markets around the world.

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Featured Product: World Map Timber

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Featured Product: Sepia World


2.  Add light and greenery

Adding light to a dark, dull office can improve productivity tricking the mind in to thinking it is more awake and alert.  Combine this with good lighting and possibly a mural containing greenery will surely make the office a more fresh and brigh place to work.


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Featured Product:  Evergreen


3.  Creative confrence rooms

Upgrade your meeting rooms with a creative and artistic mural full of colour and fun.  This will make sure staff and visitors won't get bored easily whilst using the room, and could even spark some fresh new ideas for the company!

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Featured Product: Geometrix


4.  Have employees select their favourite mural

To make employers feel appreciated, you could let them choose their own mural. Perhaps the employee of the month could choose their favourite wall mural for their office, a great way to bring some enthusiasm in to the work place!

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Featured Product: Red Brick


5.  Emphasize brand identity

Using designs that highlight your company's unique idenity is also a good idea when choosing a wall mural for your office.  You could also even upload your own picture and pay homage to your brand's particular individuality and character with a one of a kind feature wall.

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Featured Product: Rock Guitar


Just click HERE for these and more designs perfect for the office...


All our Ready Made wall murals come on a roll in two set sizes:
          Large (3m x 2.4m) for £59.95
          or Extra Large (3.5m x 2.8m) for £79.95
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OR you can create your design in Made to Measure format to fit the exact measurements of your wall
Also, keep an eye out on our social media channels all the latest news, designs and interior trends:
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