9 Ideas To Bring The Outdoors Indoors This Spring

Friday, 28th February 2020 / Home Decor

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It has been proven that an increased exposure to the great outdoors lifts moods and happiness levels, so take a look at these inspiring wallpaper ideas to bring the outdoors indoors this Spring.


1.  Photo Realistic Landscape Scenes

Bring landscape views from nature such as fields or mountains in to your home with photo realistic scenes from the countryside, sure to make your walls unforgettable.

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Featured Product: Snow Mountains with Lake Wall Mural


2.  Include Ocean Views

If greenery isn’t your thing, you could fill your home with sunshine and go for a calming ocean view.  Perfect for those wanting to inject a bit of freshness in to their interiors.

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Featured Product: Seashore Wall Mural


3.  Tropical Scenes

Or if you want something warmer why not include an island scene from the tropics where you can escape to paradise any time you are home.

WALS0215_CGRMST.jpg (171 KB)

Featured Product: Tropical Wildlife Wall Mural


4.  Say it With Flowers

You could bring the freshness of spring in to your home with a floral wallpaper design, be it a bold botanical piece or a softer subtle one.

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Featured Product: Vintage Rose Pattern Wall Mural


5.  Creature Comforts

Wildlife such as elegant butterflies or majestic birds are a perfect alternative to flowers, and will surely add character and movement to your walls.

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Featured Product: Tropical Birds Wall Mural


6.  Earthy Hues

If you prefer a more abstract feel to your walls, natural colours and earthy tones will also give that subtle organic backdrop to your home.

642703470-13-12-2019-14-41-58.jpg (638 KB)

Featured Product: Burnished Copper Wall Mural


7.  Include Natural Textures & Fibres

You could add a textured look to your walls that represent the natural world such as stone, slate or wood for a more rustic feel to your home.

  WALS0037_RMS_1000PX.jpg (180 KB)

Featured Product:  Stone Wall Mural


8.  Forest Scenes

Bring the whole spectrum of greens in to your interiors with one of nature’s most glorious scenes: the forest.  Nature at its best.

WALS0060_RMS_1000PX.jpg (158 KB)

Featured Product: Sunlight Through Trees Wall Mural


9.  Urban Landscapes

As a contrast to nature, another way to bring the outdoors indoors this Spring is to include street scenes and cityscapes on your walls for a more lively outdoor scene.

1353976591-12-02-2019-13-38-30.jpg (132 KB)

Featured Product:  New York Empire State Wall Mural


+ Bonus: Something For The Kids

Spread the outdoors to the kids' room with animated scenes and designs or their favourite animals!

1766759767-05-01-2018-10-52-31.jpg (83 KB)

Featured Product: Origami Mountains 3D Wall Mural


These and many more amazing outdoor wall murals can be found in our "Great Outdoors" Section on the website


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