12 Beautiful Wall Murals Featuring Roses

Friday, 6th March 2020 / Interior Design Trends

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Create a large stunning feature wall in any room of your home with our beautiful rose wall murals. With bold colours and spectacular detail, our on trend rose designs will add a contemporary feel to your walls. Ranging in colour from black and white through to red and pink, capture the romance of this this glorious flower with these stunning designs:


1. Illustration of Rose Bouquets

If you're looking for a darker wall mural for a feature wall in your home, this dark illustration of Rose Bouquets wall mural is elegantly deep and saturated in its colour but also full of life. This charming flowers design features an array of illustrated pink roses, soft white lillys and gorgeously detailed leaves sat against a natural looking brown background.

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2. Vintage Rose Pattern

This light pink floral design full of refreshingly wonderful tones is a great way to introduce a new lease of life to your interiors. With pink roses creatively arranged on a fresh white background, the neutral tones of this wall mural makes it a great choice for any room of the home including bedrooms, living rooms or even nurseries.

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3. Beautiful Colour Peony Pattern

Bring the freshness of nature into your home with the Beautiful Colour Peony Pattern wall mural. Colour lovers will love the red, pink and yellow peonia against a light cream background. This vintage floral design will be sure to effortlessly revitalise your space and make your home beautiful.

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4. Flowery

Add a touch of vintage style to your wall with this vibrant flowery design. Paired with white shabby chic furniture this wall design would make any room the place to be. Stylish elegance and sophisticated looks combine to make this vintage pink rose wallpaper the perfect feature wall design for any bedroom, living room, dining room and more.

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5. Efflorescent

Create an extravagantly elegant interior look with this beautiful vintage efflorescent wall mural featuring detailed illustrations of roses on a dark background, this mural is perfect for those wanting their room to exclude classical floral charm. 

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6. Vintage Botanic

This design creates a vintage look with its large rose illustrations which are toned and saturated in colour for a sophisticated feel. A decorative vintage design creating a tranquil setting using botanical themes, this design would work well in bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

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7. Grey Rose Petals

Create a stunning monochrome feature wall in any room of your house with the ohpopsi grey rose petals wall mural.  A stunning feature wall while at the same time keeping it simple. The soft focus of the photograph adds depth and interest to your room, whilst the pearly grey tone is subtle and understated, working well in with almost any colour scheme.

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8. Bold and Beautiful Flowers

A feminine design using flowers and colours to create a sense of wistful romance, the design emphasises your wall space, making a smaller room feel more grand. The colour combination adds depth and substance to any room and works best with sophisticated or modern furniture.

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9. Hummingbird Garden

A simply beautiful display of flowers and hummingbirds perched on roses on a white background create a simple fresh design fit for any wall. Our Hummingbird Garden wall mural will look beautiful in any room of the home and will partner with a vast array of furnishings, contemporary or otherwise to complete your space.

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10. Rose Petals

Our Rose Petal Wall Mural is a beautiful pink floral design showcasing all the wonderful and unique elements of this iconic romantic flower. The stunning image is offset by the vibrant pink tones helping you to create a feature wall of great elegance and beauty in your own home. This rose wallpaper would look superb in any living room or bedroom decor when looking to create a sophisticated theme.

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11. Alice in Wonderland Flowery Wall Mural

Drawing its inspiration from a quintessentially English rose print, this ditsy design breaths new life into some of the original Alice in Wonderland character illustrations and turn them into something unexpected. This mural is a very modern way to create a new take on a classically English style.

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12. Roses And Sparkles

Truly engage with the beauty of the roses where you can see in intricate detail, the delicate petals and pretty pink blooms and sparkles of this mural. The classic style of the design can be upscaled with luxury furniture to complete your sophisticated theme, or complemented with more classic furniture, to let the design take centre stage of the room.

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