7 Scandinavian Inspired Wall Murals

Friday, 31st January 2020 / Interior Design Trends

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In this weeks's blog we're showing you some of our wonderful collection of natural colour pallette and inspiring pattern designs inspired by the popular Scandinavian theme. Known for its beauty and simplicity, Scandinavian home interior adds a subtle yet eye catching decor theme to your home. Take a look.


1.  Blue & Grey Scandinavian Nordic Geometric Wall Mural

A minimalist geometric design that will add depth to your walls, the Blue & Grey Scandinavian Nordic Geometric wall mural is a great way to a great way to get that effortless look in your home, adding a pop of stylish pastel blue colour to elevate your walls, and of course adding that Scandinavian elegance in to your living space.

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2.  Landscape Art Wall Mural

The green, pink and greu paint effect on the Landscape Art Wall Mural will bring you back to nature with its organic vibe and earthy tones. Beautifully designed with geometric triangles reminiscent of Nordic mountainous peaks will surely give you the sophisticated Scandinavian look.

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3. Snow Mountain Wall Mural

Create a fresh sense of openess in any room of the home with the Snow Mountain wall mural. This stylish mural features ilustrated elements of the great outdoors with a snow-topped mountain scene, dark navy blue pine trees and a clear night's sky, allowing a room to feel more spacious and breathable.

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4. Scandinavian Nordic Geometric Grey Wall Mural

Add some Scandinvian elegance elegance with this grey diamond patterned wall mural, a minimalist geometric design that will add depth to yur interior decor. This mural is a great way to get that effortless look in your home, adding a contemporary feel to any bedroom, living rooms or even office.

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5. Geometric Pyramids Wall Mural

Create a stunning feature wall in your home with this made to measure Geometry Pyramids wall mural. Soft subtle pastel hues brought together in a calming design of ethnic print filled triangles, which combined create a feature wall of soft Scandinavian and Nordic tones.

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6. Cloudy Mountain Peaks Wall Mural

The Cloudy Mountain Peaks Wall Mural is a wonderfully beautiful scene that will uplift and add a peaceful aesthetic to your home. With snow capped mountains reflected in a clear lake and wintery trees lining up the valley your guests will fall in love with this refreshing Scandinavian mountain landscape design.

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7. Mountainscape Wall Mural

This fresh Scandinavian style Mountainscape wall mural will make any room of the home feel more spacious and clean. With triangle mountains and pine trees in toned colours of teal blue and soft whites on a saturated grey night sky, this sleek wall mural would be perfect in a modern bedroom.

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Whether it's a minimalist Nordic geometry or a full on Scandinavian landscape scene straight from nature we have it all at ohpopsi.


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