Spring Wall Murals

Thursday, 8th April 2021 / Interior Design Trends

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Is it just us or is 2020 flying by?!  As we're already in April, here are some fresh designs to get you in the mood for Spring.


1.  Sunlight Through Trees

Sunlight streams through the canopy this beautifully peaceful forest highlighting the whole spectrum of greens in one of nature’s most glorious scenes. A truly stunning mural which will add a sense of depth and drama to any room.

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2.  Mystical Waters

Almost too beautiful to be real and evocative of the heart of South East Asia, this mystical waters wall mural will unleash your inner traveller and create a whole new world in your home.

WALS0054_CGRMST.jpg (228 KB)


3.  Hummingbird Garden

A simply beautiful display of flowers and hummingbirds on a white background create a simple fresh design fit for any wall.

452457909-02-01-2018-14-55-49-1.jpg (684 KB)


4.  Hazy Meadows

The soft pastels and pretty flowers are a tranquil retreat in this beautifully calm wall mural.

WALS0121_CGRMST.jpg (99 KB)


5.  Eternal

Drawing its inspiration from a quintessentially English rose print, this ditsy design breaths new life into some of the original Alice in Wonderland character illustrations and turn them into something unexpected. This mural is a very modern way to create a new take on a classically English style.

661131604-17-01-2019-12-17-23-1.jpg (656 KB)


6.  Watercolour Petals

The subtle blue, green and yellow tones on a white background bring a sense of relaxation to your surroundings.

1866584634-16-01-2019-09-14-48-1.jpg (560 KB)


7.  Roses & Sparkles

Truly engage with the beauty of the roses where you can see in intricate detail, the delicate petals and pretty pink blooms and sparkles of this mural.

665012562-07-02-2019-16-16-23.jpg (501 KB)


8.  Clarity

Reminiscent of cherry blossom, this mural uses subtly of tone and colour to create an understated design which will transform any room into a beautifully elegant space.

WALS0123_CGRMST.jpg (125 KB)


9.  Flowery

Paired with white shabby chic furniture this wall design would make any room the place to be.

1338605534-13-12-2018-11-10-17.jpg (598 KB)





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