Continue The Summer Vibes With a Feature Wall Mural

Thursday, 22nd August 2019 / Competitions & Offers

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Sadly the summer is slowly coming to an end, but don't worry, you can maintain that pleasant summer feeling in your home all year round with these fantastic summery wall murals that will keep you warm throughout Autumn and Winter.


1.  Greek Paradise

Enjoy the smell of salty air and the warm Mediterranean breeze with this stunning Greek Paradise wall mural. The calming view of crystal blue waters and brilliantly cloudless sky will make you think you’re at a Greek resort all year round.

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Large:  WAS £59.95  NOW £41.97


Extra Large:  WAS £79.95  NOW £55.97


2.  Longboat

Drift away on into a turquoise lagoon where limestone cliffs emerge from the tropical waters and white sands invite you to laze away a long hot day. The Longboat mural will brighten up any home with its tropical scenery, creating a paradise you can visit any time you are home.

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Extra Large:  WAS £45  NOW £31.50


3.  Beach Huts

Packed full of bright fun colours, beach huts mural bring seaside adventures into your room any day of the week.  The beach huts wall mural is a great way to inject some imaginative adventure into a room.

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Large:  WAS £59.95  NOW £41.97


Extra Large:  WAS £79.95  NOW £55.97


4.  Wave

Moving through the whole spectrum of colour creates a different take on one of nature’s most beautiful spectacle: the wave. Gentle curves, delicate spray and the drama on the crest, this mural will add beauty and excitement as well as a good dose of colour to any room.

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Extra Large:  WAS £45  NOW £31.50


5.  Seashore

Create a sense of calm with this beautifully serene beach scene. Golden sands, gentle waves lapping the shore and a blue sky caressed by mists of cloud. Each day is sure to be filled with sunshine with this mural in the room.

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Large:  WAS £59.95  NOW £41.97


Extra Large:  WAS £79.95  NOW £55.97


6.  Happy Place

Make sure your day is always filled with sunshine whatever the weather outdoors. This beautifully sunny wall mural complete with inspirational quote will be sure to raise a smile each time you see it.

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Large:  WAS £30  NOW £21


Extra Large:  WAS £45  NOW £31.50


6.  Surfer On Wave

Feel the sunshine and surf in this action packed scene, perfect for those wanting to inject a bit of adventure into your interiors. With a wave crashing down around a thrill-seeking surfer, you can almost taste the salt and sea air in this exciting mural.

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Large:  WAS £59.95  NOW £41.97


Extra Large:  WAS £79.95  NOW £55.97


To celebrate a great summer we’ve giving you 30% off all ready made and made to measure wall murals as part of our End Of Summer Sale. So check out our Ready Made Wall Murals page or our Made to Measure page  You’ll be sure to find the mural for you to make the perfect statement wall in your home just in time for Autumn.


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