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Thursday, 24th January 2019 / Interior Design Trends

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Why not let this January become your opportunity for an interior reboot and embrace what's new!  When you're deciding to overhaul your home this year, don't forget about these top trends that will definitely be IN in 2019 and beyond.


Trend 1:  Dry & Raw Textures

Textured murals have been a trend for a while, however the latest look in textured walls is the dry and raw look.  Nautic, chalky, minimalistic and time warn surfaces such as wood, natural cracks such as slate, and colours such as grey and beige are set to be hot in the next couple of years.

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Featured Product: Grey Slate

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Featured Product: World Map Timber


Trend 2:  Harmonic Colour Flows

Colour flows, especially neon colours are also set to be big in the coming months.   Electric blue, andean toucan green, and shocking orange are amongst the bold colour palette set to adorn our walls in 2019.  

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Featured Product: Shades of Geometric

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Featured Product: Watercolour Petals


Trend 3:  Arches, Ellipses & Modern Deco

The feminine approach to interior decorating is also set to become a big influence in 2019 and beyond with modern deco elements such as arches, ellipses and brassy colours.

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Featured Product: Green Formation

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Featured Product: Pastel Rainbow


Trend 4:  Less is More

Complimenting and highlighting spaces in the home using minimalistic approaches is set to become a key aspect of decorating your homes in 2019, for instance using an understated mural or artwork as to not overpower other aspects of the room to create a sense of balance.

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Featured Product: Abstract Pastel Shapes


Trend 5: Dramatic Artwork

If minimalism isn't your thing however, another trend set to become more prevalent in the home is large scale pieces of vintage art, with bright colours and graphic patterns covering the whole wall.

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Featured Product: Vintage Botanic


BONUS: Unisex Bedrooms

A trend becoming popular is unisex traits in interior design.  Gendered rooms and 'girly versus macho' colour palettes, textures, and shapes are set to be left in 2018, and colours which evoke universal responses to nature set to become popular in 2019.

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Featured Product: Woolly Mammoth

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Featured Product: Balloon Fun


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