Understanding Ready Made Wall Murals

Friday, 19th October 2018 / How-Tos

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Here at ohpopsi we have a wide range of wallpaper designs to suit every interior and individual available on our website, with a choice of over a 100 ready made wall murals.


Our ready made wall murals are an 'off the shelf' product that come on one roll, and available in two set sizes:


Large (3m width x 2.4m height)
        or Extra Large (3.5m width  x 2.8m height)

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They are available to order at any time from our website, and will be delivered within 2-3 working days, with free UK delivery.  

Even though easy to follow hanging instructions are included with every order, here’s everything you need to know about hanging your ready made mural.

Before you get started here is everything you need:


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Preparing your wall

Ensure the wall surface is clean, dry, structurally sound, free of mildew and grease and is as smooth as possible in order to achieve the best possible results when hanging wallpaper, and for ease of removal when redecorating.

  • Any holes, cracks or defects in the surface should be filled with a good quality filler, smoothed out and allowed to completely dry.
  • Brush off the area to be covered with ohpopsi wallpaper with a stiff brush to remove all dirt and loose materials


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Putting the mural up


1.  When your wall is fully prepared, use a plum line or spirit level to ensure you have a straight line to begin hanging your mural - the position of the first strip determines the overall look of the completed mural, so take the time to place it accurately.

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2.  Trim off the hanging instructions and keep them nearby for reference.

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3.  Using the printed guide lines, cut off the first strip of your mural

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4.  Apply paste the wall wallpaper adhesive to the wall, covering enough area for the first strip

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5.  Apply the first strip to the wall lining with your plum line or straight edge, gently work out any large air pockets downwards and outwards  - Take care not to overwork each strip as this could result in stretching, making it harder to line up following strips.
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6.  Carefully remove any excess paste from the front of the mural using a lightly dampened cloth. Too much rubbing or cleaning may remove ink from the paper.
Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 16.52.40.png (353 KB)
7.   Keep repeating steps 3-6 using the remaining 5 strips of your wall mural (6 for the XL), lining up the design and tightly butting up each join so that no gaps can be seen.
Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 16.57.45.png (420 KB)  Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 09.50.40.png (891 KB)  Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 16.58.11.png (257 KB)Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 16.58.21.png (413 KB)
7. Trim any excess edges carefully after applying the paper, and remove any excess wallpaper paste with a damp cloth.
8.  Enjoy your brand new ohpopsi Ready Made Wall Mural!
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Click here for video instructions on all the above steps

Here are some of the categories we have for our Ready Made Murals, just click on the image to see more...


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And below are some of our Best selling Ready Made Murals...


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And for a full list of our bestselling ready made murals, click here!


Our full range of ready made wall murals can be found here.

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