5 Tips When Going For a Wall Mural

Friday, 26th April 2019 / How-Tos

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If you’re looking to strengthen the visual attraction of your living or working space, why not go for a wall mural? An attractive alternative to paint, wall murals allow you to inject colour, texture, and patterns in to any room of the home. It can transform a space and compliment your décor.  Here are a few tips to take in to account before going for a statement wall mural.


1.  Accent Wall

When going for wall murals, an accent, i.e. wallpapering only one wall of the room is best.  A bold statement wall breathes personality and some flavour in to a room whilst also capturing the attention of guests. You could put your tastes on display by evoking a tropical scene in your kitchen, or transforming your office space in to a picturesque nature reserve.

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2.  Test The Waters

Have you admired a certain pattern, design, or trend in the past but don’t feel ready for a full on bold design yet?  Why not slowly dip your toe into the world of wall murals by going for a simpler design first before making that brave leap to a more adventurous design.

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3.  Start With a Small Scale Space

Another way to try out a wall mural in your home is to first try out decorating smaller spaces, like the side of stairs or a small hallway.  You could do this by going for a ‘made to measure’ format where your design can be printed off to fill the exact measurements of your walls on pre-pasted paper.  Not only does this amplify an often overlooked space in your home, but it also breathes life and brightens them up.

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4.  Consider What You Already Have

When deciding on a wall mural for the first time, one mistake you could make is not taking in to account what is already present in the room.  Introducing colours or patterns that clash with the current interior design scheme of a room can make the room look strange. Therefore use a wall mural to unify a space and keep cohesion to your décor.

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5.  Have a Goal in Mind 

Before picking a wall mural design, take in to regard what exactly you want to achieve within the room or space. For instance do you want to make the room look brighter? If so dark colours will not achieve this.  Also, do you want to make a room look wider, or add height? Then consider designs with horizontal patterns to make the room appear larger, or vertical patterns to add height.

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