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Wednesday, 5th December 2018 / Weekly Blog

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This week's blog is all about showcasing the wonderful pictures you've sent in over the past year, take a look!


1.  Popical 

- Sent in by Kroma Hair And Beauty in July

37209636_2136747583033534_7415913072709074944_n.jpg (69 KB)  37226447_2136747593033533_1496200614030344192_n.jpg (86 KB)  37243157_2136747586366867_5443878654067081216_n.jpg (75 KB)


2.  Ballerina

- Sent in by Glenn Riddle in July

Here's what he had to say:

"Really effective design giving a real ‘wow factor’ to a room. So many colours in this design allows you to match accessories in any colour from blues, browns, greys, and rose... even white would be the perfect accent.  Can’t wait to put up the next design."

IMG_3988.jpg (90 KB)

IMG_3997.jpg (101 KB)

IMG_4010.jpg (109 KB)


3.  The Whole Wide World

- Sent in by Jordan W. in October

This is what he thought of his brand new playroom makeover:

"I absolutely love the end result of this mural and it was nowhere near as difficult to put up as other murals/decals we’ve used in the past. Thankyou guys for making my kids playroom so special."

image1.jpeg (326 KB)


4.  Yonder

- Sent in by OnePoshPad in June

"ohpopsi murals are a fabulous and quick way to add a bit of life to my interior design projects and satisfy my clients' needs."

4.png (598 KB)

5 copy.png (499 KB)

6.png (516 KB)


5.  Football Splash

- Sent in by Kate of football mad Mia aged 11's transformed bedroom in July.

37154567_2134965593211733_6892981382578962432_n-1.jpg (86 KB)

37154567_2134965593211733_6892981382578962432_n-1 copy.jpg (64 KB)


6.  Clarity

- Sent by Michaela in June

35026444_10211480741150329_1195654354732843008_n.jpg (747 KB)

34702388_10211480511024576_2180260918552690688_n.jpg (103 KB)


7.  Memories

- Sent in by Lauren Davis in April

This is what she had to say...

“We absolutely love this mural!! My mom and husband hung it for me last weekend. It was not difficult and only took them about an hour and a half. I am now wanting a mural in every room :) "

2.png (749 KB)

31044810_1998696283505332_260054733559955456_n.jpg (88 KB)


8.  Library

- Sent in by Glenn Riddle in July

Here's his thoughts...

"From a drab lifeless office to a bit of class, all in a day! This mural visually widens the room and looks lovely paired with a deep colour."

IMG_4596.jpg (84 KB)

IMG_4602.jpg (117 KB)

IMG_4595.jpg (108 KB)


9.  Animal Reservation

- Sent in by OnePoshPad in August of two year old Elsie's playroom.

“Little Elsie’s (2 year old) was amazed when I revealed her little playroom this week. Clients loved the transformation from a white box room... Thank you to ohpopsi and Gemma for arranging this mural to be shipped so quickly."

IMG_4972.jpg (85 KB)

IMG_4964.jpg (87 KB)

IMG_4967.jpg (86 KB)

We love seeing your pics as it helps inspire others, so keep sending them in to:


[email protected]


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