13 Banana leaf & Palm Leaf Ideas

Friday, 14th February 2020 / Interior Design Trends

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The indoor jungle and tropical island look featuring banana leaf and palm leaves wallpapers were big features in 2019 and set to become even bigger in 2020. Not only is this interior decor idea vibrant and on-trend, it’s also a great way to escape the concrete jungle for those who lack green spaces and big gardens. So why not bring the outdoor indoor this year with a banana leaf or palm leaf feature wall.


1. Botanica Wall Mural

Turn your home in to an inviting paradise and stay on trend with this stylish Botanica wall mural. This design effortlessly enhances beautiful tropical leaves with elegant yellow and green tones.

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2. Emerald Green and Gold Palm Wall Mural

Our Emerald and Gold Palm Wall Mural gives lovers of all things tropical the perfect interior theme that has an inviting dark jungle look. This exotic design features layers of bold green and gold palm leaves arranged neatly on a solid black background will transform your room into a deep jungle hideaway.

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3. Exotic Leaves Wall Mural

Experience the refreshing feel of a tropical design within your home with a charming mixture of light flowers and green leaves in this Exotic Leaves Wall Mural. This tropical wall mural features a great combination of creative design and on trend colours.

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4. Exotic Jungle Leaves Wall Mural

Transform any room into a tropical haven with this Exotic Jungle Leaves wall mural. This design featuring a mixture of different shades of green palm leaves from light to dark on a rich navy background will be sure to add depth and character to your walls in a stylish way.

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5. Palm Leaves Wall Mural

Feel the breeze of the tropics in your very own home with our palm leaves wall mural. Make any room of the house your own piece of paradise with the bold palm leaves print of this stylish, larger than life design; perfect for styling bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and more.

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6. Forest Plant Wall Mural

If you're looking to create a vibrant feature wall that will revive your interiors then look no further than the forest plant wall mural. This photo realistic tropical jungle design with its serene green foliage offers a dramatic and impactful statement to any home, office or workspace.

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7. Exotic Flamingo Floral Wall Mural

Bring some exotic vibes to any room of the home with Exotic Flaimngo in Leaves wall mural. This stylish tropical print features a zebra striped background with bright pink flamingos and vivid green banana leaves in the foreground, creating a vibrant design that is bold and bright.

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8. Foliage of Exotic Trees Wall Mural

This foliage of exotic trees wall mural features a layering of palm leaves in blue-green shades creating a gorgeous feathered ffect on a dark blue background. The bold colour choice of this design offers a unique take on the tropical motif that will allow you to experiment with complementing colour schemes in your furntiure. 

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9. Tropical Marbling Textures Wall Mural

This contemporary Tropical Marbling Textures wall mural will showcase your modern design style with overlaying palm leaves and abstract patterns set on a fresh white background. The creative and minimalist nature of this design will add fun and depth to your walls, bringing life to your walls without being too overpowering.

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10. Flamingo Leaf Repeat Wall Mural

Enjoy the creative effect of exotic flamingos perched on tropical leaves with the Flamingo Leaf Repeat wall mural. The vibrant colour of the pink flamingos and green tropical leaves makes a stylish statement that will catch the attention of anyone who enters your home, bringing a fresher and crisp effect to your interiors.

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11. Indigo Tropical Pattern Wall Mural

This unique take on the tropics plays on opulent rich blue tones giving a luxury quality to your space. Dark and moody, this exotic Indigo Pattern Wall Mural will act as an impressive feature wall in any room of your home.

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12. Multi Coloured Palm Leaves Wall Mural

This fresh multi-coloured palm leaves wall mural is stylish design that captures the lush turquoise and blue tones within the botanical leaves. This mural combines tropical leaves in an intriguing layered effect for adding depth to your walls in a unique way. Combine with colourful accessories for the ultimate tropical island chic.

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13. Turquoise & Green Tropical Leaves Wall Mural

Get the feel of tropical freshness without leaving the comforts of your home with the turquoise & green tropical leaves wall mural. This energetic blue-green design will breath a new lease of life in to your room, enhancing the ambience and giving a refreshing atmosphere to any space.

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These and many more wonderfuly tropical banana and palm leaf ideas are avilable in our tropical collection