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Thursday, 20th May 2021 / Wall Mural Collections

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Boys and girls spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, used for sleeping, playing, studying, and hanging out with friends, their space should be a reflection of their personality. Kids will love our Big Walls for Little People collection of wall murals. Packed with character, fun and colour – the biggest problem you will have is getting them to choose their favourite design. There may even be something for big kids who like to make a bold and bright statement! So from toddlers to teens, and everything in between, check out our favourite selection of stylish, practical and fun wallpaper murals perfect for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.


For budding astronauts and astronomers:

There’s no vaster or more exciting place than outer space and we have a wide variety of different space themed wall murals for kids. Transport their room to a planet in the far reaches of the universe with atmospheric designs of space swathed by arrays of dramatic clouds, planets and stars, or richly illustrated info-graphics. Take them to infinity and beyond!

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For little ones’ bedrooms and nurseries:

One of the most exciting interior project is choosing a theme for your little one’s bedroom. At a young age, their excitement and Imagination change at such a fast pace, but with these wall murals packed with playfulness and personality they won’t get bored easy! Packed with bright fun colours, these wall murals are a great way to inject some imaginative adventure in to your little one's room. Perfect for children who love adventure, these charming wallpaper murals will embrace your little one’s play time and take them on a journey to the mountains, the seaside, fairgrounds or even around the world...they surely won't get bored easy looking at these!

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For the football mad:

Our range of football designs are perfect for any football superfans that you might have running around the home. Choose between an atmospheric mural featuring a roaring crowd, floodlit pitch and football placed ready to take the kick; or an abstract funky design with splashes of bright colours. Inspire and fire their imaginations with a brilliantly designed mural depicting a silhouetted goalkeeper with splashes of colourful paint, or a sporty and stylish geometric design, they won’t want to leave their bedroom!

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Urban edge for teenagers:

Create a stylish teenage bedroom with bold and brave designs that really pack a punch. When thinking of teenage bedrooms ideas, it’s important to remember that their room is beyond a place to sleep, it’s an expression of who they are. These graffiti inspired wall murals are packed with colour, fun and interest, perfect for your design-conscious teenager.

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For kids who love music:

Perfect for budding rock stars, their walls will sing a perfect harmony with these two musical murals. Which teen doesn’t dream of becoming a musical superstar?! Bold and graphic, serious style statements that’ll surely go down well.
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Sugar and spice, and everything nice...

For the elegant star wanting a girly room, take a look at these charming designs with restful, calm colour palettes. Truly engage with fantastically magical mythical creatures including pastel palette associated with unicorns set on mermaid scales and pink floating hearts, the ideal way to turn their room in to a tranquil heaven.
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These classic and contemporary wall murals have been designed with children of all ages and personalities in mind, from fun unicorns to a classic rock guitar. Our range of kids’ wall murals are as inspirational as they are decorative, whether you opt for an elaborate design or something understated, your little one or teenager will love their new room.


For these and more designs, head to our Big Walls for Little People collection featuring an abundance of children’s wall murals. 

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