Bring The Great Outdoors Indoors With Wall Murals

Friday, 2nd August 2019 / Weekly Blog

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If you’re looking to totally transform your home this summer then why not consider a fresh new wall mural? They’re a great alternative to traditional wallpaper for those looking to make a bold impression.  Acting as a clear focal point, a mural creates an eye catching feature in the room and a clear centerpiece for those entering.  While we have a whole host of wall mural categories to choose from on our website, we think our murals inspired by scenes from the great outdoors are perfect for this time of the year.

Nature wall murals are already a great way to bring the outside indoors and inject life to your room – landscapes and views take this one step further, offering stunning picture perfect photographic imagery that really does transport you to the great outdoors.

From forest wall murals to ocean murals, here are some of our favourite designs to transform your home.


1.  Forest Wall Murals

There is something calming and tranquil about the forest, and this is definitely the case with this stunning woodland scene.  With beautiful sunlight streaming through the trees, this wall mural will brighten up any room every time of the day.  A forest mural would look perfect in a living room or home office paired with earthy green, cream and brown walls and soft furnishing.

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Featured Product: Sunlight Through Trees


2.  Ocean Wall Murals

Who doesn’t love a relaxing summer holiday by the beach?! Bring the holiday feels right in to your home with a stunning seaside wall mural. With a glorious blue sky and yellow sandy beach, this pretty mural is ideal for injecting a subtle pop of light colour into your home.  Pairing an ocean mural with wooden floors will replicate the sandy colour of the beach and carry the outdoors vibe to the rest of the room. Then tie the whole theme together with white furniture and one or two flowers around the room.

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Featured Product: Seashore


3.  Waterfall Wall Murals

Become one with nature with this amazing forest waterfall scene.  A waterfall mural is ideal for creating a nice quiet spot where you can sit back and unwind with a good book. This tranquil and picturesque mural will create the perfect focal point to a living room or study, even better if you opt for a minimal vibe throughout the rest of the room.  Evocating the heart of South East Asia, this mystical waterfall wall mural will unleash your inner traveller and create a whole new world in your home.

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Featured Product: Mystic Waterfall


4.  Sky Wall Murals

If the view from your house is a little lacking, why not take matters in to your own hands with a bright summer’s sky wall mural?  This photo realistic mural featuring classic Greek buildings with a breath-taking panoramic sea and blue sky views, this will be ideal in bringing a touch of warmth and luxury to any room, no matter the weather outside! Whether it’s your living room, dining room or even your bedroom, hang this wall mural on the outer wall and you’ll be able to enjoy amazing blue sky views all year round.

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Featured Product: Greek Paradise


5.  Mountains Wall Murals

Make your room a sight to behold with a stunning mountain wall mural. Mountain murals will create an awe-inspiring feature wall to get your adventurous side flowing and make your friends green with envy. This wonderful mountain wall mural features a flowing lake at the base of snow capped mountainous peaks basking in the Winter sun. Reflect your pioneering spirit in your interior by putting up a mountain wall mural in your home and have your guests aspiring to achieve the same great look in their homes.

WALS0240_CGRMST-2.jpg (114 KB)

 Featured Product: Cloudy Mountain Peaks


That’s just a small selection of the gorgeous photographic wall murals featuring scenes from the great outdoors we have to offer here at ohpopsi. Be sure to explore the full ready made wall mural collection to discover the perfect new way to make a bold statement in your home.


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