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Sunday, 13th June 2021 / Wall Mural Collections

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Our Essentials Collection brings together all our favourite large-scale wallcoverings. Whether you're looking for beautiful florals, bold geometrics or travel-inspired statement pieces, this collection has got you covered.


Floral Wall Murals


Bring the freshness of spring into your home with our collection of flower wall murals. There are plenty of bright, modern and beautiful designs here to suit every taste. Colour lovers will be enchanted by yellow daisies against a bright blue sky swaying in meadow breeze, while those with a more understated style may prefer a vintage floral wallpaper featuring a big image of single pink roses or maybe even a black and white floral wall murals. With bold colours and spectacular details, these trend inspired botanical designs capture the romance of glorious flowers.


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Geometric Wall Murals


Modern abstract wall murals and patterns are ohpopsi’s speciality, and there’s nothing more stylish and contemporary than a geometric wall mural. If you’re looking for an impactful design, our large-scale murals will transform the feel of your whole space with bold colours and big geometric shapes. Experiment with fresh minimalist simple grey or blue Scandinavian inspired triangles, green abstract design, or create a bold wall filled with blocky colourful shapes that’ll stop guests in their tracks. A geometric wall mural allows you to be creative with your interior styling, experimenting with various shapes such as large scale patterns to uniform hexagons, diamonds, multi coloured triangles and more. Whatever your unique style, a geometric feature wall is perfect for any space in need of a designers touch. There are so many geometric wallpaper wonders to explore...


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Textured Wall Murals


Faux effect and photo realistic textured prints are everywhere at the moment. They deliver maximum impact for minimal effort and will have your guests marvelling at the optic trickery. Bring a modern industrial look with a metal effect wall mural, a rusty metal look will give you some rustic charm and an industrial style. Nothing beats a wood effect wall mural if you want to easily achieve the feeling of being in a cosy log cabin in the woods, a driftwood beach hut by the sea, or a rustic, shabby chic farmhouse. Or how about stone and concrete designs? They provide so many ideas for a practical, easy alternative to real exposed stone, with high-quality details that’ll help you create the effect you want, whether it’s an urban industrial look or a clean smooth cement feel. Marble effect wall murals can also deliver all the power of the real thing, providing that bespoke marble texture that is never off trend, whilst keeping things simple and affordable. But which one is your favourite? We have them all at ohpopsi.


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Tropical Wall Murals


Feel the breeze of the tropics in your very own home with a tropical wall mural. Our vast range of vibrant wall mural designs include palm leaf patterns, large & colourful botanical murals, fresh pastel tones, and tropical summer decor staples such as flamingos and zebra prints. Whether you want a minimalist aesthetic with a fresh green leaf pattern against a white background, a deep and relaxing atmosphere with a dark jungle style, or your own piece of paradise with bold banana leaves on a yellow background, all our tropical designs feature a great combination of creative flair and on trend colours to create a relaxing and refreshing experience.


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Scenes From Nature & The Outdoors


It has been proven that an increased exposure to the great outdoors lifts moods and happiness levels, so what better way to give your space a relaxing transformation than to incorporate a scene from nature on to your walls. Nature wall murals are a great way to bring the outside indoors and inject life to your room  – landscapes and views take this one step further, offering stunning picture perfect photographic imagery that really does transport you to the great outdoors. We have it all at ohpopsi, from sparkling oceans, tranquil waterfalls and cosy wintery landscapes, so transport yourself to anywhere you like with these great outdoor designs.


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The home should be a relaxing place to unwind, be it with family and friends, or with a good book or TV show, the home is an important sanctuary. Home decor can have a bigger influence on our moods, emotions and relaxation time than we think. In terms of stress levels, it can transform your world for the better. So if you’re looking to give your home a relaxing refresh this year, our Essential Collection has everything you need where you’re sure to find the mural for you to make the perfect statement wall in your home.


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