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Friday, 22nd November 2019 / Home Decor

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We’re starting the Christmas season in true ohpopsi style by introducing our brand new kids range of over 17 must-have wall mural designs perfect for children of all ages. In this week's blog, we reveal some of our favourite designs from the new range.  Continue reading to find out more...


1. Unicorn Mermaid


Unicorn Mermaid Tail-1.jpg (6.82 MB)

Say hello to the Mermicons! Two of the most popular mythical creatures have now been combined into one on this fantastically magical wall mural. What more could your little ones want?


2. Cartoon Cloudy Sky


1629972935-31-10-2019-14-27-19.jpg (972 KB)

Who said a child's room can't be stylish? Our Cartoon Cloudy Sky Wall Mural is a playful yet super modern design featuring white clouds gently floating on a toned blue background. The minimal nature of this design means it can be matched perfectly with any furniture for your little ones.


3. Illustration of a Children's World Map


566467919-31-10-2019-16-10-57.jpg (964 KB)

Featuring Illustrations of animals from all over the world in a fun and educational style, this wall mural will have your little ones captivated for hours discovering all the animals from accross the world. The sea is coloured ina. soft green tone that can be effortlessly styled to suit any colour scheme and theme.


4. Nighttime Childrens Sky


207012693-04-11-2019-11-19-44.jpg (930 KB)

Create a charming and calming space in your baby's nursery with this unique Nighttime Children's Sky wall mural. This adorable mural features large clouds sptinkled with tiny stars, and a sleepy crescent moon in a soft neutral colour palette. 


5. Baby Pink Elephant & Baby Blue Elephant


830025192-05-11-2019-10-42-08.jpg (948 KB)

903413695-19-11-2019-10-16-56.jpg (973 KB)

The elephants have come out to play in our Baby Pink and Bbay Blue Elephant wall murals. Cute cartoon illustrations perfect for creating a charming feature wall in a nursery or playroom. Their colour palette of baby pinks and greys will create an adorably stylish space for little ones to grow and learn.


6. Patterned Alphabet


1562229129-19-11-2019-09-18-37.jpg (951 KB)

Learning your ABC's is easy with our illustrated Patterned Alphabet wall mural. This sweet design features each letter of the alphabet with a corresponding pattern bringing a cool tribal feel to your little one's nursery, bedroom or playroom.


7. Winter With Animal Friends


1336666776-22-11-2019-14-20-03.jpg (945 KB)

This cute Winter With Animal Friends wall mural is perfect for establishing a cosy bedroom atmosphere for your little ones to relax at night. The design depicts adorable arctic animals such as penguins and polar bears on a soft neutral background, suitable for either a girl or boy's room.


8.  African Cartoon Animals With Volcanoes


697821239-19-11-2019-14-19-08.jpg (956 KB)

The whole gang are out in force in this cute wall mural featuring your favourite African Animals. A volcanoe eripts furiously in the background but that won't stop this group of friends! Perfect in creating a secret oasis for your little ones as they grow and learn all the names of this gang of wacky animals.


9. Watercolour Mermaid Scales


1303850130-22-11-2019-15-02-20.jpg (974 KB)

Welcome the unique and magical Watercolour Mermaid Scales into your child's bedroom or playroom and bask in its mesmerising colours and pattern. This abstract design takes inspiration from the pastel palette associated with unicorns, but set on mermaid scales, perfect for lovers of both unicorns and mermaids!


10.  Jungle Animals


1799541290-20-11-2019-09-40-48.jpg (975 KB)

Our Jungle Animals wall mural is a beautifully detailed design that young children and toddlers will adore. Depicting our friendly jungle animals crew, which includes lions, hippos, monkeys and much more will guaranteed to bring a smile to your child's face.


11. Animal Collection


1439916750-20-11-2019-13-37-28.jpg (971 KB)

Our Animal collection wall mural showcases all kinds of animals from around the world with a host of engaging and colourful mammals, fish, birds and reptiles. Fun and charming, it'll keep your little ones engaged for hours learning all the different types of animals.


12. Football Goalkeeper


1444994787-20-11-2019-10-31-24.jpg (945 KB)

Our Football Goalkeeper wall mural is the perfect design for any football superfans that you might have running around the home. Inspire and fire their imaginations with this brilliantly designed mural depicting a silhouetted goalkeeper with splashes of colourful paint set on a simple white background, perfect for inviting a sporty theme to your child's bedroom or playroom. 


13. Balloon Cartoon Elephant


516780853-21-11-2019-14-16-08.jpg (966 KB)

Eric the baby Elephant has come out to play in our Balloon Cartoon Elephant wall mural, a cute illustration perfect for creating a charming feature wall in any child's nursery. This design features an endearing elephant with a balloon in a soft neutral colour palette for little boys and girls.



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