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Friday, 23rd April 2021 / Themed Wall Murals

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Space-themed wall murals are currently very popular on our website, so we thought we’d give you some inspiration on how to style them in a bedroom, play-room or even a living room.  Whether you love to look up at the stars as an adult, teen or child, we've got you covered!


There’s no vaster or more exciting place than outer space and we have a wide variety of different space themed wall murals for kids. Scroll down to get some inspiration for some out of this world ideas for your home.


Galaxy Stars

An atmospheric design featuring a vast image of space swathed by an array of dramatic clouds and stars pulsing with energy and electricity, the Galaxy Stars wall mural showcases the most beautiful colours of the skies with space dust and gas clouds accented with blue, purple and red and orange hues. 

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Fun Fact: There is no atmosphere in space, which means that sound has no medium or way to travel to be heard.


Universe Infographic

If you're looking for something more educational, this richly illustrated infographic is perfect for budding astronauts and astronomers, the Universe Infographic wall mural is a map to guide you through planets and galaxies and will have your little ones learning all there is to know about the vastness of space in no time!

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Fun Fact: It is actually Venus, the second closest planet to the Sun which is the hottest planet in the solar system and not Mercury the closest, because Mercury has no atmosphere.



With the Galaxy wall mural you can transport your room to a planet in the far reaches of the universe with its alien terrain and off world views. Explore new horizons on this extra-terrestrial landscape, under the orbiting rings of a not too distant moon, this design will boldly take you to the stars and beyond, one small step at a time.

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Fun Fact: The Sun accounts for 99.86% of the mass in our solar system with a mass of around 330,000 times that of Earth.



Let your child show off their love for all things out of this world with the Planets wall mural. All the planets here from our very own solar system are labelled adding an educational element to their walls.

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Fun Fact: There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on the earth! Scientists estimate the universe contains approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars, or a septillion!


Solar System

Embrace your inner astronaut and orbit around the sun with this stunning solar system wall mural. Children and adults alike will delight in displaying the wonders of the universe as a beautiful feature mural on the wall.

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Fun Fact: The Sun is large enough that approximately 1.3 million Earths could fit inside it.


Space Doodle

And for something a little different, this fun bold design showcases doodles of all the ideas which fill our head when we think about space. Who doesn’t enjoy exploring space, we know we do!

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Fun Fact Unlike on earth, sunsets on the planet Mars are blue!


We hope these otherworldly designs have given you some ideas on the fun things you can do with space-themed wall mural!
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Thanks for reading!