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Friday, 2nd November 2018 / Interior Design Trends

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Trends are changing… so if you’re a fan of keeping up with the latest trends, then look no further!  

Here are some inspiring ideas and predictions in upcoming wallpaper trends and how you can apply them to your walls.


Organic Floral Patterns

While large, bold flowers brought a touch of freshness and flamboyance to walls in 2018, understated, organic floral motifs are set to become a hit in months to come promising to integrate harmoniously in to any room of the house.  Opt for a mural that uses subtly of tone and colour to create an understated design which will transform any room into a beautifully elegant space.
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Featured Product:  Petals

Light Geometry

Similarly, the idea of beauty in simplicity is also set to become popular with light geometric wallpapers on plain or pastel backgrounds, bringing a touch of sophistication to the interior of the home.  For instance these designs use triangles and beautifully muted colours to create designs with a real sense of style.  Subtle yet still distinctive.
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Wild Motifs & Animal Prints

Wallpaper adorned with animal prints is also set to be a an emerging trend. The diversity of patterns and textures in the animal kingdom opens a whole new range of ideas in creating a modern and refined interior sure to add vibrance, warmth and depth to any room.
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Featured Product:  Feathers
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Featured Product:  Floating Feathers

Illusions of Natural Materials

Reproducing the charm and beauty of natural textures is also set to become an even bigger trend than the raw industrial look of 2018 - the more natural looking the better.  From wood, stone, slate and bricks, they promise to deceive the eyes and make our interiors warm and inviting.


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Featured Product:  Weathered Wood

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Featured Product:  Slate


Barely Perceptible 3D

Barely Perceptible 3D patterns are also predicted to become popular, deviating away from the bigger bold 3D motifs.  Discreet yet still catching the eye.
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Featured Product:  Indigo
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