Our Favourite Wall Murals For Children

Thursday, 18th May 2017 / Interior Design Trends

We have a wide range of wall murals that are perfect for everyone, including children. Check out our favourites in this blog post.

Here at ohpopsi, we are passionate about making walls beautiful, transforming interiors into truly unique spaces. If your little one’s bedroom is looking a little lacklustre and in desperate need for a slight revamp, we’ve got you covered and you won’t need to break the bank; on our website, we have an extensive range of children’s wall murals available in a wide selection of designs, themes, and colours. There really is something for everyone – even the most fussiest of children. In this blog, we have collected a selection of our favourite wall murals for children, so if you’re struggling for inspiration, take note!

Cloudbabies Wall Mural

This wall mural is a great option if your little one is a die hard Cloudbabies fan; with a 3D design and the entire gang, including Baba Pink, Baba Blue, Baba Yellow, Baba Green, this wall mural will transport your children into the clouds.

Watch this video to see how this particular wall mural brought a smile to baby Effie’s face.

Alice In Wonderland Wall Mural

Alice In Wonderland is a classic favourite. Who doesn’t love a story about a girl who falls down a rabbit hole and escapes to a world full of magic? This will mural will bring the magic to your child’s bedroom and transform their space into something spectacular. 

Beautiful Princess & Magical Castle Wall Mural

Nothing will ever compare to a Disney film. Happy endings, romance, and magic are the things children dream about, which is why we favour this princess-themed wall mural. Although everyday life isn’t always a fairytale, your child’s bedroom can be. 

Superhero With Cape Wall Mural

Every aspiring superhero needs their very own hero-themed wall mural in their bedroom. No matter what mission they’re on, they’ll always have their very own superhero sidekick by their side, even as they sleep.

Sea Life Wall Mural

This aquatic wall mural will allow your children to explore the depths of the mysterious blue sea, alongside their very own sea creature friends. Perfect for treasure hunters or aspiring explorers. 

African Cartoon Animals

Bring the sights and sounds of the wild to your child’s bedroom and explore the wildlife with this colourful wall mural, which is complete with everyone’s favourite animals.

Night Sky Wall Mural

A dark sky, shining stars, bright moon, and fluffy clouds. This wall mural is the perfect choice to send your child into the land of nod. What a beautiful sight to wake up and fall asleep to!

Space Rocket & Solar System Wall Mural

Galaxy Wall Mural

Solar System Wall Mural

For most children, space is one of the coolest places – ever! With these space-themed wall murals, your little one will be able to imagine themselves jetting off into the sky in their very own spaceship, going to infinity and beyond to explore the great unknown. 

Rainbow Lighthouse Wall Mural

Enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the seaside alongside your little one with this fun and colourful wall mural. Transform their bedroom into a place where they can escape to. 

The Whole Wide World Wall Mural

Take your little one on a trip around the world to swim with the penguins in Antarctica, run with the lions in Africa, and hop around with the kangaroos in Australia. Who knew a trip around the world could be so cheap?