7 Surprising Ways to Use Wallpaper

Wednesday, 28th March 2018 / How-Tos

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Instead of throwing out the remains of your wallpaper leftovers, why not give some of these 7 crafty DIY ideas a go…

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1.  Upcycle a Lampshade

If your current lampshade is looking a bit drab, or if you want to spruce up an old lampshade, you could cut a piece of wallpaper to match its height and circumference and simply stick on with tape or glue.

Featured Wallpaper:  Aztec Festival

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2.  Add Some Character to Your Stairs

You could go bold and revamp your hallway by lining up the risers of your stairs with your favourite pattern, be it geometric or flowery.

Featured Wallpaper:  Delight

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3.  DIY Wall Art

Brighten up a dark room with Instant art.  Simply stick the wallpaper to fit a blank canvas, or cut to fill a frame, and hang up on an empty wall.

Featured Wallpaper:  Watercolour Flora

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4.  Use as Gift Wrapping

Stronger and sturdier than normal wrapping paper, why not use a pretty design or a favourite colour for that special someone’s birthday or even use a festive pattern for a Christmas gift.  Beautiful and economical!

Featured Wallpaper: Tonal Circles

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5.  Line Your Drawers 

Add a splash of colour to your plain storage spaces by lining the insides of drawers or cupboards.  Just measure the inside of your drawers and cut a rectangle of the wallpaper to fit.  Easy to do and only takes minutes!

Featured Wallpaper: Floral Birds

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6.  Line The Back of Your Shelves

Similar to lining drawers, another option is to line the back of shelves, cabinets or bookcases to make your things stand out!

Featured Wallpaper: Tropical Leaves 

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7.  Cover up Your Boring Ceiling

Another good use for wallpaper is to cover up your ceiling.  It can make any room seem bigger as it draws the eye up, and it’s also perfect for babies who are lying down most of the time.

Featured Wallpaper: Bear and Bee


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