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Thursday, 12th December 2019 / Home Decor

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This week's blog is all about showcasing the wonderful pictures you've sent in over the past year, take a look!



Pink Cherry Blossoms - Sent in by Perry

IMG_1290-1.jpg (141 KB)

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Vinyl Music - Sent in by Glen who redecorated a youth club music themed room for local church hall.

IMG_0505.jpg (90 KB)

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Pink Hearts - Sent in by One Posh Pad

IMG_1449-1.jpg (423 KB)

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Pencils Stencils - Sent in by Linda who leved the final result!

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 14.44.31.png (703 KB)

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Football Splash - Sent in by Lucy Johnson

Here's what she had to say: "I’m really pleased with the mural and ease of putting up, the price and quick delivery. Your range of images is fantastic and I’ll certainly be buying more for other rooms and recommending them."

Screenshot 2019-06-07 at 11.49.35.png (265 KB)

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Tropical Palm Leaves - Sent in by Ange who had this to say:

"You’ve done it again ... amazing wallpaper.. so easy to hang and the result is just what I wanted .. fab fab fab!!! Looking for another one now as this is my second”.

Ange Garwood.jpg (76 KB)

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Hummingbird Garden - Sent in by Perry who thought it was a great product!

IMG_1190.jpg (108 KB)

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Black & White Pop Art - Sent in by Shelly who redecorated her daughter's bedroom.

67806875_433489007377194_6727918376280129536_n.jpg (63 KB)

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Abstract Swirls - Sent in b y Elayna who had this to sa about her new living room makeover:

"Absolutely love my Wall mural! It’s stunning! Easy to put up and finish is amazing"

69572028_542475739627338_3602713087230083072_n.jpg (66 KB)

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Abstract Squares - Sent in. by Lesley who said it "looks amazing thanks to the team"

39fa0bb1-9632-4f70-98d7-f7afd83e1c41-1.jpg (72 KB)  IMG_3156.jpeg (269 KB)



Watercolour Flowers - Sent in by Lianne who thought it was "so easy to put up and such a statement in a small box room"

76609937_10162435271830562_1386928824884658176_n.jpg (164 KB)

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It's still not too late to send your pics in, we love seeing them and they help to inspire others! Just send them to [email protected]



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