Our story

At Ohpopsi we love wallpaper and have made it our mission to create joyful interiors and fabulous spaces that reflect your individuality and imagination. Heralding a design and colour revolution, we are passionate about print, bold patterns, expressive colours and great British design.


Our Design Philosophy

We are a dedicated creative team who live and breathe interiors and specialise in developing original digital wallpapers in our studio that fulfil your creative vision. Our aim is to help you to express who you are and bring your personal style to life. Bold large-scale designs and conversational pieces are our favourites. They bring a vibrant energy to your room. Design excellence is at the core of what we do and digital print is the perfect medium to capture the mark of the artist in exquisite detail and allows us to use an infinite number of colours

“our designs are confident and unapologetic; they are bursting with character and personality so that you can create an inviting interior space to live, love and entertain in” - CREATIVE DIRECTOR


Why Ohpopsi?

We are a people focused, friendly, independent business and all our team are part of the Ohpopsi family. We’re a diverse bunch, full of enthusiastic young upstarts, seasoned professionals, and one particulary crucial doggy, Jasper the crown prince of Ohpopsi. Our customers are our people so, you’re in very good hands

Meet the team

With 16 people and 1 dog, the ohpopsi team brings a wealth of experience and talent working to make your walls wonderful. Here are this month’s three featured team members...



Sales Manager

Visits all our valued trade customers with our beautiful products.

Fun Fact: If he could chose anywhere in the world to live it would be Barcelona.



Technical Director

Works in product development, workflow and IT

Fun Fact: Barry is a former Vidal Sassoon model



Creative Director

She oversees the development of the creative team and studio to produce confident and unapologetic designs

Fun Fact: Zoe is passionate about family and friends and has a borderline obsession with beautiful shoes